National highway G234 line to resume work in spring heat

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Video loading…The national road G234 line renovation and expansion project is one of the key projects of yangjiang city’s “13th Five-Year” comprehensive transportation development plan, and has attracted public attention since its construction.On the occasion of the revival of all things in the Spring Festival, the reconstruction and expansion project of the NATIONAL Highway G234 line has also set off an upsurge of resuming work and changing “color”.In the morning, the reporter came to the national road G234 near yinling Avenue to see that the road construction has been fully rolled out, all kinds of construction vehicles and machinery and equipment in an orderly operation, more than 20 workers are carrying out asphalt paving, the former shabby narrow road is gradually showing a new look.Liang Chungang, technical director of national Highway G234 Project of 23rd Bureau of China Railway, said: “We started to resume work and production on the seventh day of the New Year. So far, more than 150 people have come to work one by one. All of them are from low-risk areas and have taken nucleic acid tests in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention.According to the person in charge of the construction of the project, the asphalt laying of the section is expected to be completed in late March, and next they will enter the sprint stage of construction to prepare for the full opening of the national highway G234 at the end of May.Liang Chungang, technical director of national Highway G234 Project of 23rd Bureau of China Railway: Now the project is progressing steadily according to our plan. According to the current progress, the whole line can be completed smoothly by the end of May under normal conditions., yangjiang double Czech national highway G234 bridge to ‘big some reconstruction project starting point is located in jiangcheng district double Czech town bridge south side (excluding double jie bridge), along the old highway S277 line expansion, via silver ridge industrial park, baisha street, high-tech industrial park, ping town, the finish is located on the north of the’ dike, road G234 line ‘big some,It is the main road connecting Yangjiang to the high-tech Zone, Hailing Island, Yangjiang Port, Yangjiang North Railway Station of Guangzhan High-speed railway, and the planned airport. The total length of the route is 32.371 kilometers, which is constructed according to the standard of first-class highway. Among them, the section from Shuangjie Bridge to Hailing Embankment is two-way 6 lanes, and other sections are two-way 4 lanes.Text: MAO Junling Video: Chen Jiayang Internship: Nie Linqing Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: