Private network dedicated!Zhangjiakou competition area torch relay communication guarantee work carried out like this

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Hebei News Network On February 3 (Zhao Dongyu) This morning, Beijing 2022 Zhangjiakou Olympic Torch relay activity launch ceremony held in Zhangjiakou Yangyuan County Nihewan National Archaeological Site Park.Later, the torch passed through five sites successively: Nihewan National Archaeological Site Park in Yangyuan County, Desheng Village in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou Industrial culture Theme Park, Fulong Ski Resort in Chongli District and Dajingmen Site in Zhangjiakou District.The torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games passes through the Yangyuan Nihewan Archaeological Park in Zhangjiakou, North China’s Hebei Province, Feb. 3, 2018.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will open on February 4.The Xinhua News Agency Fan Shihui was taken to ensure that the torch relay of the scene can present in a timely manner, stable in front of an audience, heibei branch of China unicom in the torch relay all covers five g signal, using 5 g large bandwidth, low latency, the characteristics of high speed video back, on the basis of ensuring Gao Qingchuan load to achieve the activity scene real-time transmission and adjustment.Zhang Chunhui (middle), general manager of China Unicom Hebei Branch and torchbearer, poses for a photo with the Staff of China Unicom support team for the Winter Olympics torch relay at zhangjiakou Industrial Culture Theme Park.Branch of China unicom zhangjiakou for figure, according to unicom games torch relay protection team XiHaiLong hebei unicom near the torch relay point to add more than 5 g base stations, and sent many emergency communication car, implements the torch relay broadcast signals and ordinary users network separation, do private network dedicated, non-interference in each other, to the greatest degree for the torch relay provides the high quality communication support on the site.The picture shows some staff of China Unicom support team during the Winter Olympic torch relay in Desheng Village, Zhangbei County.China Unicom Zhangjiakou Branch provides photos for emergency communications vehicles to provide security for the torch relay at Dajingmen site in Zhangjiakou.Branch of China unicom zhangjiakou for figure as we have learned, in the process of torch relay, the torch relay in zhangjiakou in hebei unicom division five points respectively arranged for professional support team on-site support, at the same time, the branch of China unicom zhangjiakou staff on standby, if there is any emergency occurs, the first time through a dedicated channel into the ground treatment failure,To ensure the safety and smooth completion of torch relay communication.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.