Spring Festival is a little cold, let’s add “warm”!

2022-04-20 0 By

The lunar New Year holiday happened around us the warm heart is much more special day chilling especially warm every seemingly ordinary moments filled with warm heart is the healing power of doing good for the populace, does the practical work of gansu highway people with their own “heart of the people” practice have mission confirmed back, his mind is lovely “high speed” on February 2, around 20 points on the evening of 21,A white car into ma Xia rest area to rest, when the rest of a period of time ready to drive out of the parking area, because the snow is too thick, coupled with the car is not equipped with anti-skid chain, tire idling can not move forward.Trapped company by the ma Xia tunnel station for help, Ma Xia tunnel patrol squadron on duty to understand the situation, immediately carry snow removal tools, shovel ice snow removal, help the driver push the car, and let the driver step on the accelerator, slow start.Eventually, after half an hour of rescue, the trapped vehicle finally pulled out of the rest area.The driver before leaving grateful said: “Big New Year’s day really thank you, although the snow is cold, but you let my heart warm.”We are in action on the second day of the year early in the morning, a small bus just drove to ring county south toll station square suddenly flout can not move forward, affecting the normal traffic order.After the charge monitor found, immediately came forward to check with the guard, the driver got out of the car to check some can not find the reason, appears very anxious.Monitor quickly comfort the driver, then with the guard to push the car to the toll lane, to pay the fee, and together to push the car to the toll plaza security area, take the initiative to help contact the nearby repair shop, half an hour to repair the car.After the driver restarted the vehicle, finally showed a relaxed smile, to charge the monitor repeatedly thank, he said: “out of the house, especially when the festival, encountered difficulties is really quite helpless, thanks to your enthusiastic help, thank you!”Not only that, the charge is still in the county set up toll station “warm heart stops” volunteer service, to provide hot water for 24 hours past the passenger, common first-aid medicine, simple vehicle maintenance tools, convenient service projects, the route guide at the same time close to prepared “epidemic prevention warm pericardium”, free of charge to people in need to provide emergency mask, gloves, alcohol and other quarantine objects,For the past company to send home to visit a warm, let the way home reunion is full of love and warmth.