The 24 solar terms are not only culture but also science, which is a culture based on science

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Deep into the depths of Chinese culture, the details, really feel wonderful.The revival of China, in essence, must be the revival of Chinese culture — always there, only awakened.Some people want to say that the agricultural society has died out and there is no need for planting and breeding. Therefore, the 24 solar terms have no meaning, just looking for an excuse to celebrate the festival.What is minor cold? It is still autumn here, and winter this year is not as cold as spring.Some people retort that the food these people eat is all synthetic with industrial technology?It is a myth that traditional agriculture is dead. Modern agriculture is modern farming, powered by industrial civilization such as machinery and chemical industry and genetic engineering.Industrialization is the foundation of the society, every festival must eat the agricultural civilization of the age of the festival has been incompatible with this era, creating space expansion festival, machine competition festival not sweet?Why remember the 24 solar terms?In fact, the people who say these words really know nothing about the 24 solar terms.I’ve been amazed by the vernal equinox (March 21, when daylight hits the equator and starts moving north), the autumnal equinox (September 23, when daylight hits the equator and starts moving south), the summer solstice (June 22, when daylight hits the Tropic of Cancer and starts moving south), and the winter solstice (December 22, when daylight hits the tropic of Cancer and starts moving north).Why does it fit perfectly with the earth’s orbit around the sun (the Gregorian calendar), but not with the moon’s orbit around the Earth (the lunar calendar)?I found out that It was Tang Ruowang who studied the Chinese calendar carefully after he came to China and revised the traditional 24 solar terms with reference to the solar calendar. Now we use his revised calendar.Chinese people readily accepted the work of Tang Ruowang, not because he is a foreigner and ostracized, is kangxi’s insight, but also the mind of Chinese civilization.The 24 solar terms are not only culture but also science, which is a culture based on science.Only from the cultural perspective is incomplete, but will reduce its value.The old Russian calendar was the Julian calendar, but in 1582 Western Europe adopted the Gregorian calendar, now known as the Gregorian calendar.Tang Ruowang was born in 1592, 1622 in China.Galileo was 58 years old and Copernicus had been dead for 80 years.Do you think he would fool people with something old from Roman times?Even if he thinks so, contemporary Chinese are fools?So, all good things have the credit of foreigners?Simply put, the lunar calendar is the calendar guiding farming.Ancient agriculture basically “see the sky to eat”, “people eat the sky”, so the ancients attach great importance to the study of meteorology and climate, the 24 solar terms of the Lunar calendar is thus produced.Of course, the lunar calendar has also been revised countless times, more and more accurate.By the Ming and Qing dynasties, the lunar calendar was well developed.As for the contribution of the foreign missionary named Tang Ruowang, besides speculation, there should be evidence to convince people.The lunar calendar was formulated by the ancients according to China’s weather and climate. Foreign missionaries also knew Chinese agriculture.On what basis did he revise the 24 solar terms?The 24 solar terms were formed during the Spring and Autumn Period. The four most important points, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the summer and winter solstices, are determined by the movement of the sun.After the Han Dynasty, each revision of the calendar made the 24 solar terms more accurate.In guo Shoujing’s Shoushi Calendar of the Yuan Dynasty, the length of a year is 365.24 days, which is more than enough to guide agricultural production.Tang Ruowang’s work should have replaced the equal-equal tropical year with the equal-equal sidereal year, which changed the length of a year by about half an hour.It should be said that the twenty-four solar terms, 95% of the work was done by the Chinese themselves, Tang Ruowang finally helped to perfect the calendar, was accepted by Kangxi.The story of the 24 Solar terms not only reflects the outstanding achievements of the ancient Chinese civilization in astronomy and mathematics, but also reflects the quality of our ability to absorb the technological achievements of other civilizations.Some people have different opinions, think that the above statement is nonsense, Europe’s own calendar at that time is not accurate, the winter solstice and summer solstice three days later.The Russian calendar, which was then in use in Europe, was 13 days behind schedule.The European calendar is not accurate, how to guide the Chinese calendar?Do not have that knowledge, do not make comments provoking ridicule, 24 sections of this according to the sundial shadow correction, who is working in the stargazing platform who correction, are working for the emperor, whether Chinese or foreign sitting that all want to do this matter, there is no Tang Ruowang China sitting that position as correction.It was formed around this time, because the 24 solar terms are actually a simple version of the Book of Changes, which is the collection of the Book of Changes. The imperial family theory of the Zhou Dynasty was formed after the royal family (that is, the prince ran to Chu with the Book of Changes) came into being in the people.No, the legend of the 24 solar terms first appeared in the Xia Dynasty. It was first recorded in the Warring States Period and matured in the Western Han Dynasty.The purpose of the solar term was to guide farming, and if the solar term didn’t mature until the Kangxi period, it would be funny to say the least.Such as the Tang Dynasty “Qingming festival rain” (Qingming), “the rain all hui new, a lei Jingzhe only.Tian jia idle a few days, farming from now on.”(Awakening of Insects), “summer gold gas, Jingyang do not know autumn.”Major Heat;The Song dynasty “end of heat without three days, xinliang straight ten thousand gold.(End of heat), “lettuce at first pick appropriate roll cake, luo Fan xuan cut known as the chai.”(Start of Spring).The scene they described is basically the same as the 24 solar terms today.Agriculture is also the foundation of a country.The originator, no doubt, with this sentence, the agricultural civilization buried the hunting civilization killed by the slavery society.We must inherit the spirit of innovation to bury the agricultural civilization.Modern planting industry is supported by industrial civilization and technology. It is no longer the traditional agriculture that depends on the weather. It took countless martyrs’ blood and sacrifice for nearly a century to transform China from traditional agricultural civilization to the era of industrial civilization.In fact, There are only two seasons in Europe, winter and summer, all the way to North Africa like this Mediterranean climate, and then it’s simpler to go north.The typical winter is wet, cold and rainy, and the summer is dry and hot. The transition between winter and summer is short and not obvious, so it is not spring at all.China has such four seasons, is China’s monsoon climate relations, topographically is the whole northwest topographic relations.What you get from watching the shadow is not just the climate.Europe does not have the four seasons of Cathaysia, nor does China have the climatological spring, summer, autumn and winter.Therefore, where there is no concept of the four seasons, it is impossible to observe the two seasons in this way in ancient times.As for the current European research, there are two aspects, which are from the global perspective.To The Chinese civilization, the West has always been able to cover up, if not distort, in short, try not to let the world understand the greatness of China.Five stars out of the East for China!Such divine prophecy, though not intended at the time, was exciting!