The vanishing Iraqi Republican Guard, once touted as the strongest army in the Middle East, inflicted heavy losses on American troops

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The Iraqi army was once one of the strongest military forces in the Middle East. It was once known as the strongest army in the Middle East. It was not only strong in strength, but also well equipped.There is one elite ground force in the Iraqi army, the Republican Guard, whose job is to protect the president and other senior Iraqi leaders. Saddam hussein trusted the Republican Guard most, both for its effectiveness and for its loyalty to him.The Republican Guard was formed in 1968, before Saddam Hussein became President of Iraq. It had only one division before the Iran-Iraq War, but has since grown into two armies, the South and the North.The Northern Army of the Republican Guard had three divisions, namely, the Medina Armored Division, the Baghdad mechanized Division, and the Adnan mechanized Division. The Southern army had four divisions, namely, the Hammurabi Armored Division, the Arnida mechanized Division, the Nebuchadnezzar mechanized Division, and the Thunder Special Operations Division.In addition to these seven divisions there were other divisions under their direct command, with a total strength of 140,000 men, the best of which were the two armoured divisions, Medina’s and Hammurabi’s.The Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers are under 30 years old and strong. They are armed with the best weapons of the Iraqi army at the time, including hundreds of T72 tanks, BMP armoured vehicles, self-propelled howitzers and towed artillery, as well as Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns and attack helicopters.The Iraqi government has spent a lot of money to upgrade the weapons and equipment of the Republican Guard, but it proved that the Iraqi money was not wasted in the battle, and the Republican Guard has shown great combat effectiveness on several occasions.In order to guarantee the republican guard against saddam’s loyalty, the choice of the republican guard members also have requirement, saddam hussein, who was born in Iraq salah ad-din province city of tikrit Mr Jia village, became President after his special attention to the hometown people, so he trusted his hometown, when saddam was caught by the last is the city of tikrit in my hometown.When Saddam hussein was in power, most of the Republican Guard’s soldiers came from Saddam’s hometown, and some of the core members of the Republican Guard were relatives and confidants of Saddam Hussein.Its commander was Qusay Hussein, Saddam’s second son, a steady but less military man, whom Saddam put in charge of the Republican Guard mainly for his credibility.Republican Guard soldiers and officers enjoy extra subsidies, patronage and patronage as a means of improving the guard’s credibility.Saddam was naturally suspicious when he was a child, so the Republican Guard also had to be divided into a level of trust, divided into the first, second and third defense units, the first unit is saddam’s most trusted people.The level of trust determines the distance between each unit and Saddam hussein, and only a few can get close to Saddam Hussein.On August 2, 1990, at 2 am Baghdad time, Iraq sent 14 divisions, a total of more than 100,000 people, with the Republic Guard as the main force, with 350 tanks as the forerunner of a large scale attack on Kuwait.There were 20,000 troops in Kuwait at that time, which was neither too much nor too little. It took only a few hours for the Iraqi army to complete the occupation of Kuwait by 4 p.m. that day, and the Republican Guard showed great combat effectiveness in the attack.Iraq captured Kuwait in early August, but the Iraqi Republican Guard suffered a lot in the subsequent battle with the US-led multinational forces. Objectively speaking, although the Republican Guard could not defeat the Multinational forces in the Gulf War, it would not have done so badly if it had been properly directed.It is true that the Iraqi Republican Guard is inferior to the allied forces in terms of weapons, but the conservative and backward operational ideology of the Iraqi leadership also limits its effectiveness.Many believe that if the Iraqi army had not concentrated on building the “Saddam Line” before the allied forces moved to the Middle East after the occupation of Kuwait, it would have been more active to take the initiative to capture some of the airports and ports in eastern Saudi Arabia in the months ahead, and that the active attack would have been more effective than the passive bombing.The Iraqi Republican Guard was used as a reserve force during the Gulf War, and Iraq built Saddam lines on the Kuwaiti-Saudi border and on the Saudi-Iraqi border.Twenty-five Iraqi divisions were deployed along Saddam’s lines and coastal fortifications, and ten armoured mechanised divisions were deployed deep in Kuwait as operational reserves.Strategic reserves of eight armored mechanized divisions were deployed south of the southern Iraqi city of Basra, including six divisions of the Republican Guard.On March 27, 2003, eight days after the start of the Iraq War, the Medina division of the Iraqi Republican Guard inflicted heavy losses on American troops in Karbala, south of Baghdad.By this time, the Effectiveness of the Iraqi Republican Guard had actually been greatly reduced. It suffered heavy losses during the Gulf War. Shortly after the war, the Soviet Union collapsed and the United States imposed arms embargo and sanctions on Iraq.The weapons and equipment of the Iraqi army have not been updated, and the weapons are old from two perspectives. One is that the technology level of the Iraqi army has not been updated for a long time, and the other is that the weapons are aging after being used for a long time. Although the Republican Guard is still elite in the Iraqi army, it is not as good as before.After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Iraqi officials said Baghdad was “impregnable” and that republican Guard forces would crush U.S. forces in the city.When the U.S. troops arrived in Baghdad, they bombarded suspicious targets and street corners every time they moved a certain distance.There are no major Iraqi forces waiting for the Americans in Baghdad, however, and only sporadic attacks by armed men.All this proves that the Iraqi Republican Guard is also a formidable force.The whereabouts of the Iraqi Republican Guard was a mystery, not seen by U.S. forces after they entered the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, or anywhere else in the country.History has left only two theories. One is that the Americans prepared to buy off senior Republican Guard officers before they entered Baghdad, and that some Iraqi officers were eager for the money when the fighting started, while others saw the situation as too bad to resist.But there is a catch. The Iraqi Republican Guard is made up mainly of baathist, Sunni youths from Saddam’s hometown.Some of them are relatives and close associates of Saddam Hussein. They have ties with Saddam Hussein in one way or another, and they are even close to him.The 100,000-strong Republican Guard, along with the rest of the Iraqi army, boasts 300,000 elite troops defending Baghdad.Even if there are those who lay down their arms, there will be many loyalists to Saddam hussein, and even a few percent who are willing to fight will be a big obstacle for us forces.Saddam hussein has many problems, but the U.S. -led forces are a foreign enemy, and some people will continue to fight for this reason.There is also a guess that the disappearance of the Iraqi Republican Guard is the deliberate dissolution of the Iraqi senior leadership, dissolution is also divided into two kinds: one is the situation has gone, each to find each mother, scattered;One is to “break the whole into pieces” and disperse to the civilian population to fight the U.S. forces in small groups.This argument is not widely accepted, but it makes some sense, since the years of American occupation of Iraq until its withdrawal are far more costly than the war that preceded the occupation of Baghdad.