Wagang police station of Keshan County public Security Bureau strengthened propaganda activities to prevent telecom fraud during the Spring Festival

2022-04-20 0 By

Image network news (Elephant news reporter Huang Xiangyang intern Chen Pengfei correspondent Zhang Ying Liu Wei) in order to enhance the area of the people’s anti-fraud awareness, curb the Spring Festival telecom network fraud cases during the situation, effectively protect the people’s property safety, during the Spring Festival, The Wagang police station of Keshan County public Security Bureau to increase publicity,To carry out a full range of prevention of telecommunications and network fraud publicity activities, to protect the people’s “money bag”.In the propaganda, wagang police station police, auxiliary police through the issuance of leaflets, on-site propaganda and analysis of solutions to the residents of the area of electricity fraud propaganda.In particular, the part-time brush SLR benefits, pretend to be e-commerce logistics customer service, false shopping services and other new telecom fraud methods are emphasized;And combined with typical cases, through simple and easy to understand the language to the local people for detailed analysis and answers;At the same time warned the district residents do not covet petty profits and cheated, such as unfamiliar phone calls involving personal information, wechat information always remain vigilant, do not inform others of personal information, bank card number, deposit password and other information.If you are cheated, you should keep relevant evidence and report to the public security organ at the first time.Through a series of propaganda, to further expand the coverage and awareness of anti-fraud propaganda, effectively achieve the electric fraud “firewall” stationed in the hearts of the masses.(Information hotline: 0396-3599908, email: yxwzmdpd@163.com.”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)