Xing ‘an teenagers sing “Snow and Ice Dancing”

2022-04-20 0 By

Every sports figure is the color of youth every time the field of dancing are fighting wonderful they win honor for the motherland we strive for the motherland ahead 2022, together to the future!!This spring, and winter Olympics meet.E Weiliang, vice chairman of Hinggan League Youth Federation and vice head of Ulan Animal Riding business of Hinggan League joined hands with E Junqi, student of Hezhan Primary School in Ulan Hot, singing the song “Dancing with Ice and Snow”.”Dancing with Snow and Ice” — Theme song of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games BidHubei wei bright/daughter hubei jung As snow in the dream Inside and outside the Great Wall great activities in a picture Gearing up big convention of heaven and earth Clean and pure ice and snow Write our fairy tale Love, like snow melting The southeast northwest world again big a home Colorful color bloom the flower of peace The date of passion I call you he dancing in the snow and ice With the sun a brake Let each figure in mountain natural and unrestrainedDancing the earth from winter to summer every love is from small to big dancing the ice and snow slide on the track let every dream can brave to direct dancing the world is always a prosperous dream looking back on the revival of China wish ice and snow athletes like tigers add wings to create great achievements!!Editor: Hao Ran Rector: Wen Jun final: quiet