A curtain of Spring Evening wind falling flowers series of poems by: Yushan

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1. “A curtain of Spring Evening wind of Falling Flowers” series of poems by The author: Jade Mountain — curtain of spring evening wind of falling flowers, princess and relatives out of the Han Palace.Mountain sing Huyin edge plug song, river color home.Fangzi Fengyun for the country, Huizhi orchid heart seeking differences.Qingchong August snow, zhaojun shiji has a name.Two everlasting regret song song is not the end, a curtain of spring wind.Hua-please pool congealing balsam, Yongle palace sleeping phoenix dragon.With a smile back to the eyes of life 100 mei, leading soul and confused Xuanzong.King temple Tanabata wish, Mawei slope before the two world.3 huan gauze yue female beauty arrogant capacity, joy in xiangxi summer and winter.Ten fingers qianrou pregnant sharp edge, a curtain of spring evening flowers wind.Fan Li gave up his love for cunning, gou Jian back the former alliance.Wu Ba instant fireworks out, the west Lake rain of tears.Four fine wine yellow teng wine two venomous, red crisp hand write a letter.Courtyard deep difficult lock palace wall willow, rain suddenly destroy green apricot red.Double first words containing resentment, a curtain spring curtain wind.Love story through the ages, fine product words in the helpless feeling.Five cool breeze night taste tea, lying field looked up star.The sky is vast, the Milky Way is vast, the cowherd and the Weaver are full of tears.Tanabata hate short magpie bridge, midnight each other read love.Through the ages legend today has a record, a curtain of spring evening flowers wind.2. Jilin Park Encounter article/Jade Mountain An old man sitting alone on a bench, eyes dull eyes.Come and go without reason, taciturn looking up at the clouds.Approached the body to say hello, frequently waved smile kiss.Come and sit down here and talk to each other.I do not know who the old man is, the words of speculation times feel close.Most of what I say is yesterday. I listen to every word as if I were here.Red age people are, pure thought faith.The heart of the country is good love, willing to offer light gold and silver.When spring comes, it will bring thick spring. I will pick up the paper and draw the first picture of love for you. Colorful colors will remember the encounter we had when looking back at the crowd and you met your smileStay in my heart already can’t erase when the snow has brought the rustling winter meaning I will pick up the pen for you to write the first poem of love you black ink printed our love witness emerge in the snow our figures holding hands together to spend every day reading the first love poem I wrote to you I don’t know the stars are still neededHow long will it take to shake the hidden in the heart of the moon I know you have been waiting hard for our parasol and our fence even if the balsamine fell epiphyllum also lost you still don’t believe the rumors the north wind singing songs of winter the Siberian cold across the maple forest maple leaves red I suddenly found that your beauty is constantlyI picked up paper and pen engraved next a dream wings angel in archery, burst my hot lines 2022, 2, 7 written in Jilin