All the questions about the Forbidden City can be answered in this book

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The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation.For thousands of years, the Spring Festival activities are rich and colorful, whether modern people or ancient people, whether ordinary people or imperial families, by wearing new clothes, eating family reunion dinner and other activities to express the happy mood of the Spring Festival.In ancient times, the emperor was the symbol of the country.Therefore, the New Year in the palace has become more special, both the meaning of home, but also the symbol of the country.So how did the emperor, the king of the country, and the other royal families who lived in the Forbidden City spend the New Year?In the Qing Dynasty, the five emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang wrote the character “fu” in the 12th month. Around the New Year were the most popular time for celebration, and the folk custom of pasting “fu” was also related to the custom of the emperor bestowing “fu” on the New Year.Emperor Kangxi was the first to bestow the character “fu” on his officials in calligraphy.On the first day of the twelfth lunar month, Emperor Kangxi would personally write the imperial book “fu” word, write out the first “fu” will be hung in the dry Qing Palace shop, the rest posted in other places in the court, the rest of the imperial concubine close aides, palace favorites, the imperial court academician.After that, the ritual of bestowing blessings was carried on and became a custom.What customs will there be in the Forbidden City on other festivals besides Spring Festival?Do maids of honor and eunuchs get paid?How many houses are there in the Forbidden City?Is it true that the lines “launched the meridian Gate beheaded” in palace plays?If you are curious about what the Forbidden City was and what it is today, you must read this book, The Forbidden City is Interesting.”The Palace Museum are very interesting on the author of the imperial palace are very interesting, jiang yu is a famous publisher, film and television planning, graduated from China people’s university of history, the current” knowledge instruction “culture brand overall planning, good at using humorous language interpretation of history, is the author of” Chinese character “in the nursery rhymes and had history” and other works.”The Forbidden City is interesting” is the latest history and popular science work by fishermen on the River.The book from the lofty palace, the etiquette rules and regulations, healthy living, good style, and the eunuch palace, the palace secrets, court clothes, all men are mortal, and eight aspects, and the Forbidden City was introduced in detail about the popular science knowledge, both historical data involved, there are anecdotes legend, both on the imperial palace architecture design of mysterious color, also know some folk legends and guess do read and clarification.It is no exaggeration to say that the curiosity and question about the Forbidden City left by movies, TV dramas and folklore can be answered in this book.Catalogue (part) It is said that the Forbidden City has “nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine and a half rooms”, is there really so many?How did the “half room” come from?According to legend, the origin of this “nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine and a half rooms” is related to zhu Di, the builder of the Forbidden City.When Zhu Di, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, built the Forbidden City, he planned 10,000 palaces.One night, Zhu Di had a dream in which the Jade Emperor angrily summoned him to the Heavenly Palace and asked him why he wanted to build ten thousand palaces just like the heavenly Palace.After all, Zhu Di was only the emperor on earth, and of course did not dare to offend the emperor in heaven, so he promised the Jade Emperor that the Forbidden City would not have more than ten thousand palaces.Zhu Di later told this dream to Yao Guangxiao, who designed the Forbidden City. Yao guangxiao said, “Since the palace is 10,000 rooms, let’s build 9,999 and a half rooms!”Zhu Di took the advice.So, where is the rest of the room?It is said that it is in the west side of wenyuan Pavilion, is a very small room, there is only a convenient downstairs stairs, because of the small area, so called it half room.In fact, this half of the argument is not tenable.The number of calculating rooms in ancient times is different from that of today. The so-called “room” refers to the area surrounded by four pillars, which counts as one room.In 1972, archaeologists counted 8,707 rooms in the Forbidden City according to the standard of “one room with four columns”.If you are interested in traditional architectural culture, the book also gives a detailed introduction to the palaces and architectural styles in the Forbidden City.For example, what is the meaning of the small animals on the roof of the palace?What is the difference between the colors of each palace?What are the meanings of the buildings inside and outside the palace?During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the people living in the Forbidden City were not only the emperor and his concubines, but also a large number of eunuchs and palace ladies.What is life like for those who live in the palace?Does the emperor really have seventy-two concubines in three palaces and six hospitals?Why can’t the emperor and his concubine live in the same room?Do eunuchs and palace ladies also receive salaries and bonuses?Do all kinds of palace fights in Qing Dynasty dramas really exist?The book contains 1,067 knowledge points and 101 architectural knowledge points, each of which is full of knowledge points.There are as many as 123 high-resolution color pictures, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Forbidden City without leaving home.If you have ever been to the Forbidden City, reading this book will not only awaken your memories of your visit to the Forbidden City, but also give you a sense of filling in the gaps. It will combine the real experience with the knowledge in the book and plant the anticipation and surprise of your next visit to the Forbidden City.If you haven’t been to the Forbidden City, you should read this book, learn everything about the Forbidden City in advance, do your homework, and wait for the field visit to be more feeling and harvest.