And who have enemies, advise who to raise cattle, not someone hurt you, cattle is low threshold, but high requirements

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It seems to be a joke to advise someone to raise cattle. From this sentence, we can taste that it is not easy to raise cattle.Cattle raising is a familiar and unfamiliar industry for most people.Familiar with since ancient times, cattle have existed in our life for a long time, cattle plow, cattle pull carts, beef, milk, in life, the shadow of cattle can be seen everywhere.Strange when we are in the industry, cattle as a career to do, what breeds of cattle, the growth performance of different breeds, what cattle eat good feed, how to buy good cattle, after we enter this industry, these things we do not know, become the starting point of our cattle.Raising cattle is indeed not simple, different breeds of cattle, the growth performance will be different, if not clear between breeds of characteristics, it is impossible to judge the growth of cattle.For example, a Ximentar breed of cattle, 500 catties when up 2 catties, 1000 catties when still up 2 catties, so we have known that Ximentar cattle belong to a large breed, at 500 catties when pulling the skeleton, weight gain is slow, and 1000 catties when the skeleton is completed, weight gain can reach 3 to 4 catties.When we know the variety and properties, we can make a correct judgment in time.What feed does cow eat good?Understand the breed and performance, and nutrition is the basis of cattle, pull skeleton has pull skeleton nutrition collocation, fattening has fattening nutrition collocation, which stage should match the corresponding nutrition.For example, a high proportion of soybean meal is fed when the need for protein is high while the need for energy is high when the body is fattening, a high proportion of corn is fed.Cattle threshold is very low, understand and do not understand are entering this industry, less money raise less, more money raise more, and cattle is cattle, no matter how much raise less, we must understand cattle.