Audi A7, inspired by nature.There are few buses in our shop

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Audi A7, inspired by nature.Break down the boundaries of cars with lines and bodies.The enclosed private space interprets the most desired comfort of human beings, and the surging is interpreted with 5.6-second 100km acceleration and Quattro all-time four-wheel drive.The inspiration of pure freedom is revealed with intelligent driving.The front and back headlights also make the finishing point. Although they are “tearful eyes”, they are very sharp after being lit.The front part, hexagonal meshwork and surrounding shape is angular, surrounded by silver chrome decoration, looks more fashionable.The new models are equipped with a double double exhaust layout below, the whole design is relatively simple.On this basis, the new Audi A7 also has a wealth of in-car assist functions and up to 30 kinds of interior configuration combinations, for users to bring more intelligent, more convenient car experience.The car is equipped with three cameras, four of which are dashcams.The existence of this adaptive cruise can be said to be at the level of L3 in autonomous driving.The layout of the central console is well arranged, and each function partition is very clear, which is convenient for drivers to operate, and also creates a certain scientific and technological atmosphere.The Audi A7.1+ 12.3-inch LCD dashboard can display road prospects and navigation information.In terms of interior, the 2020 Audi A7 is mainly black and looks less luxurious.Venue: Merinaudi (No. 42, Merinaudi Road) Activity Hotline: 400-968-5281 Thank you for watching and wish you a happy life (a small program has been added here, please check it on the Understand Car Di client)