Beidaihe section of Qinhuangdao Bay was selected as the Outstanding Case of beautiful Bay in 2021

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“Beautiful rivers and lakes and beautiful bays are the embodiment of the implementation of Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilization, the beautiful scenery of rivers and lakes with clean waters and green shores and smooth fish at shallow bottoms, the beautiful scenery of bays with clean waters and clean beaches and harmonious crowds of fish, and the good experience and practices in building a beautiful China. They are high-quality ecological products around the people.”Liu Youbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, announced the 2021 beautiful Rivers and lakes and Beautiful Bays at the first regular press conference of 2022 held by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Jan 24.Image: ecological environment official weibo according to introducing, in 2021, the ecological environment organization to carry out the beautiful lakes, beautiful gulf outstanding case, a public notice on the Internet, expert review and public voting and on-site verification, through comprehensive evaluation, determined the 18 case beautiful lakes cases and 8 bay.Among the cases of beautiful rivers and lakes, Mata Lake, Huangshan section of Xin ‘an River, Miyun Reservoir, Alshan section of Halaha River, Qionghai Lake, Xizhu Lake, Yunnan part of Lugu Lake, Jiaocheng section of Huotong Creek and Puyang River are excellent cases.The hebi section of Qi River, Rizhao Reservoir, Lijiang River, Maozhou River, north section of Haihe River, Hanzhong Section of Hanjiang River, Shahu Lake, Wuwei section of Shiyang River and Majinxi Civilized section are nominated cases.Among the beautiful bays in Beidaihe section of Qinhuangdao Bay, Lingshan Bay of Qingdao, Beidaihe Section of Qinhuangdao Bay, Tiaoyan Section of Dongtai of Yancheng and Qingao Bay of Shantou are excellent cases;The coastal section of Fuzhou Binhai New Town, Dapeng Bay in Shenzhen, Dongtou Zhuwan in Wenzhou and Jinshitan Bay in Dalian are nominated cases.”In the next step, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will work with relevant departments and local governments to continuously promote excellent cases of beautiful rivers, lakes and bays, summarize, condenses and publicize excellent cases, and promote good experience, good practices and good mechanisms, so that the people can more intuitively feel the beauty of rivers, lakes and bays,” Liu said.We will encourage local governments to “set an example, set a standard, set an example, and set goals.” We will promote the formation of a work system that combines top-level design with grassroots innovation, and promote the protection and development of beautiful rivers, lakes, and bays.Source: Poster News