CCTV5 live, short track speed skating again bright sword, five big stars in the battle, Can The Chinese team win gold?

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On February 7th, Beijing Time, the short track speed skating competition of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will resume fire after another day. Today, there are two single events attracting attention. According to the plan, CCTV5 of CCTV will broadcast the women’s 500 meters and men’s 1000 meters respectively from 19:30 PM.Successfully in the first game after the 2000 – meter medley relay champion, fan can be new, QuChunYu, Zhang Yuting, President of all, the two Wu Dajing such as battle competition to win the gold medal, the national sports watches, the opening day and enjoy the exciting short track speed skating, I believe you won’t miss two Chinese athletes in the show tonight!The 2,000-meter mixed relay race, which ended two days ago, once again gave the nation a taste of the exciting competition in short track speed skating.The accident and cruelty of the event began with The fouls of Japan and the fall of South Korea in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, China finished third in the group, but the result of the FOULs of the United States was cancelled and The Chinese team was sent to the final.And the final field is also exciting, The Chinese team from the start of the third consecutive completion of the chase, and finally won the championship scene, more inspired the national audience for short track speed skating this sport enthusiasm!Fan Kexin led the charge in the women’s 500m quarter-final, with the five-time champion of the World Short track Speed Skating Championships clocking 43.275 seconds in the heat to finish first in her group.Despite their ability to win the gold medal, The Chinese girls are bound to face many difficulties in tonight’s competition, the hot Dutch star Schuerting skated 42.37 seconds in the heat to break the Olympic record, showing a very strong ability to win the gold medal.The three girls of The Chinese team only have to focus on their own steady state of mind, believe that they will eventually create a miracle!Alternating with the women’s 500-meter race, there were three matches in the men’s 1,000-meter race. Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei, two Olympic champions, and Li Wenlong, a young player, also had the strength to challenge for the gold medal in this event.But the south Korean star Huang Daxian preliminaries sliding out 1 minutes 23 seconds 042 set the Olympic record, plus the Hungarian star shao-lin liu and Liu Shaoang brothers and others competition, tonight in the men’s 1000 m project is bound to have an exciting race, for China’s good news is that South Korea at present for the game called “uneven” ice,I believe hwang dae-heon’s mentality will also be affected during the match!Succeeded in winning the 2000 – meter medley relay gold medal, the Chinese short track speed skating team in two heavyweight match strong-arm reaction again tonight, fan can be new, Zhang Yuting and QuChunYu, Wu Dajing, all five Chinese athletes are expected to help the motherland again breaststroke, CCTV CCTV5 30 points from the late 19 point began to live the event, I believe you will not miss it.But for the sports fans, must not pass pressure to the athletes, no matter what the result is, everyone will silently support and pay attention to the performance of the Chinese athletes in the heart, let us look forward to the arrival of the short track speed skating competition tonight!