I bought a duplex apartment because OF my greed and lived there for less than a year

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Because of the greed of cheap bought duplex room, live less than a year, intestines are regretful!When buying a house at the outset, the house of the top floor everybody does not buy, I feel development business to have the big gazebo that sends a top floor however heart moved, one mind thinking can come up in gazebo plant flower plant grass, get a beautiful sky garden, think to feel particularly beautiful!I ended up buying a penthouse duplex!Now, it is of no use. Now, if I had the chance again, I would never consider a duplex building.After moving to a new home, the rural mother-in-law came out to help with the baby cooking what, the rural elderly are more sloppy, also not general cleaning up the housework, make this just lived less than a year of the new house messy!Through the living experience of this less than a year, also just discover at the beginning decorate also is not satisfactory, soil not soil ocean not ocean, feel good ugly ah!Looking at others that capacious atmosphere beautiful sitting room, see oneself again this crowded do not become the sitting room of appearance, in the mind quite not taste actually!The brain entered water when decorating, think such grid decoration is very beautiful, just discover now not practical at all, too easy ash, and appear very rustic also!The sitting room is other ok, be on the wall these 3 pictures are not very take, adornment picture itself also quite old – fashioned.Decorate spent 360,000, also do not show what effect to come however, hard to avoid feels left regret!This big coffee table cost 5500 yuan, feel very grand at that time.Now I hate it, the living room is not big, put it after more crowded, ah!When moving to a new home, cheerfully bought back a lot of green plants, now a fresh feeling, are too lazy to wait on them, are fast I raise dead!Rural mother-in-law just stay at home with children, cooking and so on, too lazy not to do, never clean up the home, make the home everywhere disorderly not to do!Take a look at this spacious kitchen, and the storage function is completely adequate, and the messy mother-in-law’s cooking is everywhere, the whole table is full, this is not decent, isn’t it?Master bedroom, wallpapered. Nice, huh?At that time costed the finished wardrobe beautiful atmosphere, bought back to find that did not reach the top, too easy to accumulate dust, regret not!They lived in the countryside for a long time, and their living habits were not very good. They were messy and did not like to tidy up.The children’s room, now the children sleep with his grandparents, has become the husband’s study!Toilet, two towels are her parents-in-law, good dirty ah!Stair goes up is attic, the utilization rate of attic is very low actually, double entry building is not what oneself think before at all so one and the same thing!This is the attic. I haven’t been up here for a long time and it’s dusty!It’s hot as hell in summer and cold as hell in winter. Why come up here?Complimentary large terrace, or the original appearance!I was thinking about making it a beautiful hanging garden, and now I think it was so beautiful that no one wanted to come up.All the flowers on the pergola were dead, and the floor was dusty and dirty!Lived in less than a year, intestines are regretful, duplex building is not so beautiful as imagined!I won’t even consider a duplex anymore!This article is collated and published by Qi Jia Xiaobian, some works come from the Internet, it is impossible to verify the true source, if involved in infringement, please contact xiaobian directly to delete, thank you!(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)