Just announced: the couple conceals the true itinerary, was registered for investigation according to law

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The Tongzhou and Xicheng branches of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau reported two cases of violation of epidemic prevention regulations on Monday.According to @Ping An Beijing Xicheng report: 25, 22 o ‘clock on February 20, gu xx (female, 43 years old) who attended a company training class in another province returned to Beijing with her son (9 years old).The mother and son were staying with her husband, Identified only as Zhao (46), in xicheng District.On The 21st, Zhao went to work and gu received a phone call from the CDC informing her and her son that they were close contacts of confirmed cases.Gu so-and-so will inform Zhao, Zhao mou in knowing that he is the second secret personnel, did not take the initiative to report to the unit, and many times out shopping.And in the process of transfer, Gu and Zhao concealed the true situation and lied to the staff that the mother and son did not live with Zhao after they returned to Beijing.Hou Gu and her mother were confirmed as COVID-19 patients one after another, and Zhao was transferred to a centralized isolation site for medical observation.At present, the xicheng police has been to Gu so-and-so and Zhao investigation, the case is further work.According to the police report, meng xx (male, 44 years old), a resident of Tongzhou District, was on her way back to Beijing from a training course of a company in another province on January 21 when she was notified by the CDC by telephone that she was a close contact of the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid positive person.Meng still went to a restaurant and took a taxi home after arriving in Beijing, but did not report to the community where she lived, which caused the risk of the spread of the epidemic.On The 22nd, the local residents’ committee transferred Meng to a centralized isolation point for medical observation after receiving the notification of flow control.Meng was confirmed as a COVID-19 patient on Monday.At present, Tongzhou police has been on file for investigation according to law, the case is further work.Source | wl warnings, Beijing peace, news broadcast editing | hoe