Late Qing dynasty old photo: the original and concubine photo disdain, newly married woman crying out of sedan chair

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The author selected a group of precious old photos of people’s life taken in the late Qing Dynasty to show the style and image of the ancestors more than 100 years ago for the writers who love history.The old photos have a visual record and description of people’s clothing and life in the late Qing Dynasty.The photo of the first wife and concubine of a wealthy family in the late Qing Dynasty is a rare scene. It is known that no woman would like to share her husband with others, so the first wife and concubine have been two opposing poles since ancient times.The original wife in this old photo would not have sat beside her unless her husband had asked to be photographed.A rare old photo of a poor man braiding his child’s hair to catch lice in the late Qing Dynasty, 1910. Lice hunting may be familiar to the post-80s generation who once lived in the countryside.When the living environment in the home is not good, often the situation of living lice.Men in the late Qing dynasty wore long braids and did not wash their hair very often, so people at that time were most prone to lice and fleas.An old portrait of a woman in the late Qing Dynasty with a book in hand, the woman in the old picture looks demure and beautiful, wearing luxurious embroidered jacket and trousers, wearing a jade forehead, a pair of bound feet like a three-inch golden lotus, beautiful and elegant from a distance, it can be seen that it is the standard dress of han women in the late Qing Dynasty.In fact, foot binding was harmful to women. Later, the Qing Court banned foot binding for many times, which reduced women’s suffering from foot binding.The picture shows an old photo of poor opium users lying in a coma in an alley in the late Qing Dynasty. It is known to all that opium houses in the streets were flooded in the late Qing Dynasty, and people could be seen smoking opium in the streets everywhere.At that time, no matter the court ministers, nobles, or ordinary people street vendors, were mutilated to their families by opium.A rare photo of an elderly couple with their children in late Qing Dynasty, 1910. The old photo shows a family of three carrying a load of baskets on their way to a market.And the young children because of the inconvenient journey, so full of joy to sit in the father carried by the basket.The woman was walking too slowly on her small feet, so she had to walk on crutches.This is the late Qing Dynasty a newly married woman crying out of the sedan when the scene old photos, since ancient times when women get married cry married etiquette, in order to show the parents and relatives to give up love, is also to express the newly married woman is affectionate and loyal.In fact, crying marriage is since ancient times the custom of marriage, is also followed by some people respect it.