More than 400 workers are working on fuzhou South Station of Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway

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Construction site correspondent Yang Dezheng photo southeast network On February 6 (this network reporter Lin Xianchang correspondent Yang Dezheng) when many people sigh with emotion Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, some people have been working on the post for many days.During the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger, the construction site of fuzhou South Station, the largest station building of the new Fuzhou-Xiamen railway, is bustling with work. More than 400 builders are working hard.China railway construction group new vice secretary of the high-speed fuzhou south railway station project of fuzhou Wang Wen into said: “in strict accordance with the” quality engineering, intelligent Staffordshire, comprehensive optimization of construction scheme, design process technique, high quality and efficiency to promote the progress of getting fire makes sweet malt to fast work slowly, to fully ensure the station was put into operation on schedule.”Workers are correspondent to the construction site Yang Dezheng taken the high-speed of fuzhou new design speed of 350 kilometers, the total length of 278 km, along the station 7, the fuzhou south railway station is the high iron station of fuzhou, the newly built a total construction area of 407200 square meters, the station building construction area of 50000 square meters, after the completion of the station scale will reach 15 m 30 line,It is a super large railway station project with tight construction period and heavy task.”Although I miss my family very much, I still have to take the opposite approach of visiting relatives this Spring Festival. My wife and my son and daughter will come to the project department from henan province to accompany us for the Spring Festival.”Wang Wencheng said that in order to make the taste of the New Year is not discounted, the project department organized a series of celebration activities such as making dumplings and pasting Spring Festival couplets, and issued subsidies and comfort products for workers to stay in the Spring Festival.The casting of the first block of the rail bearing layer of the critical control line project was successfully completed on December 14 last year.Up to now, 51,000 square meters of rail bearing layer structure construction covering 450 meters of key line has been completed, laying a solid foundation for subsequent steel structure engineering construction.The new Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway Fuzhou South Station project is expected to be ready for operation in July 2023, which is of great significance to promote the rapid development of southeast coastal urban agglomeration.Wang Wencheng, deputy secretary of the project, organized safety officers and professional electricians to conduct safety checks on temporary power consumption on site to ensure power consumption safety during the Spring Festival holiday.Photo by correspondent Yang Dezheng