Qiao City police reported that 6 people fell into water and died of the cause: parents drunk riding electric tricycle into the roadside ditch, resulting in 6 people drowned

2022-04-21 0 By

Source:Qiaocheng city police about qiaocheng district town of khalid 6 people into the cause of death with the investigation about the development zone khalid town “building administrative villages guo’s villa village village with 6 people drowned by the field investigation of inspection ruled out criminal cases, confirmed by a full investigation, on 19 February 14 PM, guo’s villa natural villages with villagers and relatives to the home of the qi so-and-so drunk at lunch,Four children from two families on an electric tricycle went fishing in a local fish pond. On the way, they fell into a ditch on the roadside of the village, causing six people to drown.At present, the aftermath of the work is orderly.Police deeply regret the tragic drowning of 6 people!Solemnly remind: life first, safety first.Drinking should be moderate, drunk to walk carefully, do not engage in dangerous activities accident, to relatives caused irreparable pain.Qiao Cheng Public Security Bureau on February 21, 2022