Reflection on cognitive deviation from Shi Zhong Shan Ji

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Reading Su Dongpo’s Shi Zhong Shan Ji, I was deeply impressed by his insight, exploration and deep thinking.More to feel the contempt of people in the knowledge of things, self-righteousness.It is absurd that man, who knows the mysteries of nature as small and superficial as dust, should think himself wise without knowing them.Such as the cognitive judgment of some people in sinology and traditional Chinese medicine, some are echoing, without understanding research and echoing;Some have done a little research, but the methods are wrong and the conditions are insufficient, so they think they are successful.In “THE Journey of a Rogue”, all the talents are superior to the rest of the world. However, they are still engaged in the old paper pile and do literal analysis, but they just walk around outside the door and finally fail to get the point.It is only beginning to realize that wisdom does not only come from culture, but from written culture will become a cage and dilemma.Otherwise, how did the ancients create the culture of writing when there was no writing?This paper reproduces Dongpo’s feelings as follows, in order to make people reflect on their cognitive ability and improve it: is it ok to make assumptions about things rather than seeing them or hearing them?What Li Yuanzhi saw and heard is almost the same as what I saw, but not clear.Literati refused to boat night moor cliffs, so mo can know;But the fishermen and sailors know but cannot speak.This world so not pass also.And the humble is to axe jins test hit and seek, think in fact.I sighed at Li Yuan’s simplicity and laughed at Li Bo’s cleanness.# Temperature of Reading # Reading # Thoughts # Sinology #