What harm does the Chinese New Year stay up late to play mahjong have?

2022-04-21 0 By

Mahjong is a board game, but also a necessary entertainment for the Chinese New Year, has now swept the world.Near the Spring Festival, many friends and relatives of the most activities is to play mahjong, from the health point of view of the appropriate play mahjong can stimulate the brain, has certain benefits to physical and mental health, but the festival during the night to play mahjong is not small harm to the body.How about staying up all night playing mahjong?1, destroy people’s normal life rules during the Chinese New Year friends get together, playing cards is almost day and night, the continuity of staying up late easy to make the body consume too much, reduce reserves, resulting in decreased resistance, prone to insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, and even may appear sudden death.2, cause motor system disease, sit up late playing mahjong table, intervertebral disc and interspinous ligament in a long-term stalemate, for a long time easy to induce back pain, stiffness, limited turn;In addition, playing cards for a long time in a specific position, the soft tissue of the vertebra side is relatively tense, for a long time easy to lead to imbalance of tension of the muscles and ligaments on both sides, which is what we often say about cervical spondylosis;Sedentary pelvis and sacral hip for a long time compression, affect lower limb blood circulation, so that the legs numb and muscle atrophy, easy to suffer from neurasthenia.3, easy to cause plant nerve dysfunction play card addiction, often stay up all night, will make the cerebral cortex in a state of excitement for a long time, in the long run, easy to cause plant nerve dysfunction, dizziness, mental fatigue, unclear vision, memory loss, judgment and other symptoms.Susceptible to digestive diseases.4, will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis stay up playing cards disrupted the regular diet, coupled with the lack of systemic exercise, will weaken gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastric digestive secretion is reduced, so often there will be loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, chest distress abdominal distension, indigestion, ulcers, constipation and other digestive system diseases.As we all know, staying up late is also very harmful to the body, which can affect many aspects: first, it can lead to the rise of blood pressure, hypertension can make blood pressure more difficult to fall, or blood pressure fluctuation is very big, often stay up late can aggravate atherosclerosis, so that there is no hypertension before, early occurrence of high blood pressure;Second, can increase the burden of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, some complications of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular;Third, stay up late cause the decline of human immunity, prone to some diseases;Fourth, stay up late can also lead to endocrine disorders, causing the decline of ovarian function and premature aging;Fifth, staying up late is bad for liver, kidney and lung.During the Spring Festival, everyone would get together to chat and play cards to kill time.Sometimes the Chinese New Year relatives, we have nothing, and relatives will set up a card game, to a few rounds of poker or play a few rounds of mahjong, not only can enhance feelings, but also can kill time.But be sure to remember to moderate, must not play cards all night!