Wu Dajing: Let me remember three moments

2022-04-21 0 By

Wu Dajing’s all competitions in this Winter Olympics are over.During the 13 competition days, there are three moments, let Wu Dajing remember.It’s about MEDALS, it’s about teammates, it’s about retirement.Wu Dajing went to the mixed mining area, holding a vacuum cup.Cough has not been good, can only drink water to moisten the throat.After the game ended yesterday, Wu Dajing’s trip to the Current Winter Olympics is also nearing the end.Wu Dajing, the captain of the team, recounted three unforgettable moments during the 13 competition days on the ice at the Capital Stadium.First, he blurted out, the first gold.On February 5, the five-star red flag fluttering in the capital gymnasium, the Chinese team made history, won the winter Olympic Games in the history of the first gold medal in short track speed skating mixed groups relay, on the championship podium, this is the Beijing Olympics the first gold of the Chinese delegation, with big jing own words, give the people in the rear of the Chinese delegation made a much alike.The first gold medal was the only time wu dajing released his emotions on the field. For the veteran who participated in three Winter Olympics, four years of hardship were all in sweat and tears.The second moment, ren Ziwei won the gold medal.There were twists and turns in the men’s 1,000m final.The referee had to stop the match after a safety problem arose on the court nearly half way through the final.After some maintenance by the staff, the field was restored to normal and the game resumed.After 1000 meters final recall of the second shot, Wu Dajing physical strength to help Ren Ziwei stuck position, and touched Ren Ziwei’s hand beckoned him to go.Finally, Wu Dajing won the fourth place, Ren Ziwei won.But as long as the Chinese team wins, he is not lost.Wu dajing said: “I watched Ren Ziwei day by day efforts, to see him win gold, I am very gratified, I and his mood is the same.”In the third moment, the girls from the women’s team won a bronze medal in the 3,000-meter relay.Especially when Fan Kexin kissed the ice, wu Dajing was startled.”I went to xiao Fan and asked, ‘Are you going to retire?She replied, no, no.”Wu Dajing said.Wu dajing posted on social media immediately after the game.He thanked everyone for their concern and support and answered questions.Will you retire after Beijing Winter Olympics?’When I actually stood on the court, I found myself reluctant to say goodbye,’ he said.I’m still gonna be on the ice.Wu Dajing said: “As long as the country needs me, I go to war at any time!