Be a pioneer in education!Xinchengzi Street No. 1 Primary School welcomed the special supervision of the municipal Government’s education Supervision Office

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On January 28th morning, shenyang municipal bureau of education level researcher zhang jianhong, city bureau of education, the superintendent at the level of clarissa kyoko mei ling chun, the superintendent at the level Sun Liang city bureau of education supervision in place pair place greiner super first unfairness of one line of four people, first visit XinChengZi street primary school, for school “revitalization of the new breakthrough I want to be a special operation to carry out the situation of pioneer “special supervision.In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the special action mobilization and deployment conference of “Revitalizing new breakthroughs I want to be the pioneer” held by the Municipal Party Committee, in accordance with the requirements of the special action plan of “revitalizing new breakthroughs I want to be the pioneer” to create happiness education brand in the city’s education system,Municipal government education supervision office of the first supervision group of schools to implement the “double reduction” work, put an end to paid teachers to make up lessons, campus safety epidemic prevention and other key tasks during the winter vacation supervision and inspection.Ji Huibo, director of Education Bureau of Shenbei New District, Zhao Bingyan, researcher of education Bureau, Shi Haibo, deputy director of education research Center, Chi Guangxian, director of education supervision Office, Zhang Mingbo, director of safety section of education Bureau, and all members of xincheng Zijie No. 1 Primary School accompanied the supervisor.The supervision group learned about the special action of “Revitalizing new breakthroughs I want to be a pioneer” and inquired about the specific implementation of the “double reduction” work.Principal Gu Yanwen introduced the after-school service, winter vacation hosting service plan, organization and implementation, student hosting fees, curriculum setting, student meals and other related arrangements.The supervision team also went to the security room to check the security of the campus during the holidays, such as monitoring points and on-duty records.The supervision group is satisfied with the special action of the school.Xinchengzi Street First Primary School around the “revitalization of the new breakthrough I want to be a pioneer” special action of the core task of “build happiness education ecology, create happiness education brand” made four key work: the Party construction lead when the pioneer, build a new pattern of happiness education;Double reduction action to break through again, improve the new realm of happiness education;Group construction efficiency, to create a new ecology of happiness education;Characteristic development shows vigor, harvest happiness education new achievement.First primary school in the future, XinChengZi street will continue to full of high political enthusiasm and mental state, into the “revitalization of the new breakthrough, I want to be a pioneer” special action, firmly grasp the “khalid ents” the first priority, and firmly establish a “happy education, education” school concept, promote the school work from excellence to characteristic, from quality to the quality, build happiness education ecology,To create a bright brand of happiness education, brave as the pioneer of education, with the heart of happiness, do happiness education, make due contributions to the revitalization of Shenyang.