Beijing haidian district will add 4.2 million square meters of high-quality industrial space

2022-04-22 0 By

People’s Daily Online Beijing, March 16 (Dong Zhaorui) according to the News of Haidian District, this year, Haidian District arranged a total of 233 fixed asset investment support projects, among which the industrial space projects accounted for the largest proportion, including the Great Beinong biological agricultural innovation park, Rencreate sand industrial park, Xisanqi Jinyu Science park phase ii industrial projects and other 41 projects.It is estimated that haidian District can add 4.2 million square meters of high-quality industrial space after the completion of the project.Beijing has announced three key 100 projects for 2022, with a total investment of 1.2 trillion yuan. They will focus on scientific and technological innovation, advanced, sophisticated industries, infrastructure and improving people’s livelihood.Dongsheng Park (G, H and I blocks) of Xueyuan Road Science park in Haidian District is one of the “three 100” key projects in Beijing this year.”After completion, it will focus on the upstream and downstream enterprises of the new generation of information technology industry chain, while introducing fintech, science and technology finance, culture and technology integration and supporting service industries.The implementation of the project will promote the integration of surrounding industries, attract high-end talents and transport connections.”New Dongyuan shares company party general branch secretary, chairman Ma Lixin introduction.It is understood that the project is located in Dongsheng Town, Haidian District, north to Shuangxue Planning 1, south to Bajia East-west line (Yuequan Road), east to Xueyuan Road, west to Shuangxue Planning 3 road.The total construction area is about 236,100 square meters, and the plot ratio is 3.5. The construction content includes 5 educational research buildings and supporting facilities.It is worth mentioning that the project will carry out the construction of “metro micro-center integration” with xueqing Road Station of changping Metro Line. Nearly 20,000 square meters of underground commercial space will be directly connected with the subway station, providing convenient and comfortable public space for the citizens living and working in the surrounding area and creating a “15-minute living circle”.To realize a vibrant urban center with multi-city functions and a sense of place and identity.”Dongsheng xueyuan road park, park (G, H, I block) project is committed to the modern science and technology park into a collection high-tech talent and wisdom park, it is also a new shares dongyuan clubs based on dongsheng mode, use of rural collective construction land, self-developed active integrate of the construction of the zhongguancun science city to build new urban form a positive exploration.After completion, it will become a new and powerful economic growth point for collective economic development.”Ma Lixin said.Wang Yuxia, deputy director of Haidian District Development and Reform Commission, introduced that Haidian District will continue to play the brand effect and demonstration leading role of key projects on stable investment operation, economic growth and urban development, centering on the intensive development of north Area of science City, urban renewal of south area of science City and quality improvement of “three hills and five gardens” area.In 2022, we will arrange 233 projects to support fixed asset investment, of which 35, or 15 percent, will be related to education, medical care and people’s livelihood.There were 41 industrial space projects, accounting for 17.5%.The 233 projects also include 32 residential projects, such as xuefu No.1 Courtyard and Wenquan Yangjiazhuang directional housing, which will increase the supply of high-quality livable housing in the southern part of Haidian District and effectively alleviate the imbalance between employment and housing in the northern part of the district.In addition, infrastructure and public service projects have been promoted in many places, including the construction of more than 40 roads including the northern section of Shangzhuang Road, the construction of more than 30 schools including the nine-year School in Beianhe, and the construction of the Northern Medical Center and Sujiatuo Central Hospital.(Edited by: Bao Congying, Gao Xing)