Changsha fire department has carried out a surprise fire safety inspection on foot baths under its jurisdiction

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Changsha, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — In order to strengthen fire prevention and control in winter and spring and effectively prevent various fire accidents during the resumption of work and production after the Holiday to ensure a stable fire safety situation, the fire rescue brigade of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone carried out a surprise fire safety inspection of the foot bath in its area on the evening of February 14.Operation, fire supervisor scheme in strict accordance with the requirements, mainly in the area under its jurisdiction to wash bath, foot bath “produced” screen, fire security measures of each unit and fire control main body responsibility whether to carry out the situation, has carried on the detailed understanding, to visit the evacuation passageway and safety exit unblocked, fire control room whether on-the-job personnel in place,The indoor fire hydrant, automatic fire control facilities, smoke control and exhaust system were tested on site.In view of the problems found, can be rectified on the spot, the fire supervisor on-site guidance unit rectification, rectification of the hidden dangers can not immediately rectification, the unit is required to appoint a person to strictly observe and defend, and issued the “Notice of Rectification order rectification” rectification within a specified period.”After the Spring Festival, now it is time for enterprises to resume production and work, again remind everyone to increase fire safety training, enhance fire safety self-defense and self-rescue ability, improve fire safety awareness, but also remind our residents, to pay attention to the use of fire, electricity and gas safety, to ensure that the area of fire safety in a sustainable and stable form.According to the fire department, the brigade will continue to “check the pulse”, to do a good job after the Spring Festival to resume work and production fire safety supervision.Correspondent Yuan Ziwei zhang Jianxin Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Qin intern Chen Zhe Man Yi more exciting content, please download the “morning video” client in the application market.Tips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.Wechat: XXCBWX, 24-hour information hotline 0731-85571188.