Guanghui Pengfeng shop Guangqi Honda Haoying limited time huge hui 11 thousand yuan

2022-04-22 0 By

With “light” for inspiration, a new SUV hao shadow BREEZE, in order to bring the pure beauty to everyone adhere to the instinctive quality, adhere to the pure, gathers advanced sharp SUV, demonstrates the unique charm of science and technology (1) called the ritual: network customers call to make an appointment to store the exquisite gifts (2) the surprise gift: network client to store ordering successfully sent 2188 yuan the warranty card, (3) the displacement presents:Replacement car can enjoy preferential comprehensive 3000 (4) current car ceremony: this month to current car shop to pick up the car straight to sell 7 days (5) maintenance: network customers booking to shop at 6 years of free maintenance warranty city (first) 6 activities gift: during the activity network returning customers enjoy to three years interest-free + lucky lucky draw click in the table have a professional sales consultant for your VIP channel open exclusive cars!;Directions to the store: 1. Self-drive navigation to Guangqi Honda Pengfeng Store;2. Exit D, Xiasha Station, Metro Line 9;3. Near the bus station of Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel.Hotline: 17150879143 The event will run from March 24, 2022 to March 24, 2022