I have been working for the Spring Festival. Nanjing Has committed itself to a new ring of science and Technology.

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Environmental protection does not stop, The Spring Festival “does not close” in the day of family reunion, there is a group of ecological environmental protection iron army still stick to the post fighting in the front line of environmental protection now let us feel the nanjing ecological environmental protection iron Army forging ahead style!On the fifth day of the first lunar month, Nanjing Ecological environment Comprehensive Administrative law enforcement Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspections on industrial enterprises and gas stations.Jiangbei New District environmental law enforcement bureau of new material science and technology park enterprises to carry out inspections.Lishui Ecological Environment Bureau inspected the industrial enterprises, gas stations and catering industries in the area under its jurisdiction, and found 6 problems and 6 problems.Jianye Ecological Environment Bureau inspected drinking water sources, and inspected the isolation point of Hilton Happy Friends Hotel, Yurun storage point, Bailongjiang gas station, Mochou Lake subway construction site, Titian Teahouse and other points.Qinhuai Ecological environment Bureau of sewage treatment plants, gas stations, restaurants in the area of inspection, found 4 problems, namely check and change.Qixia Ecological environment Bureau carried out inspections on some gas stations and restaurants, requiring enterprises to strengthen the operation management of relevant facilities and do a good job of bookkeeping data.Jiangning Ecological environment bureau to carry out industrial enterprises inspection, some of the problems of enterprises to investigate.Pukou Bureau of Ecology and Environment carried out special law enforcement and work safety inspection on the atmosphere of industrial enterprises, sewage treatment plants and restaurants during the Spring Festival.Xuanwu Ecological environment Bureau carried out inspections on seven pollution sources in the region, including catering, auto repair and gas stations.Yuhuatai Ecological environment Bureau carried out special atmospheric law enforcement and environmental safety inspection during the Spring Festival, inspected 7 points on site and 3 remote quarantine points, and found 7 environmental problems in total. Some of the problems have been handed over on site, and other problems have been followed up and supervised after the festival to ensure the rectification of problems in place.Liuhe Ecological environment Bureau carried out inspections on industrial enterprises, restaurants, construction sites, non-road machinery, docks, gas stations, storage yards and car repair shops within its jurisdiction.Gulou Ecological environment Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspections on construction sites, auto repair enterprises, restaurants and isolation points during the Spring Festival.Gaochun Ecological environment Bureau carried out law enforcement inspection of industrial enterprises and construction sites within its jurisdiction.Correspondent: Tang Weili Editor: Wang Sha, Yao Wenjing Planning: Shi Yong, Zhang Jian Review: Chu Fangqiao, Wang Sha published: Chen Ying