Juve spend 100 million euros on serie A fans unhappy with Roma’s plans

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Juve spend 100 million euros on serie A fans unhappy with Roma’s plansThe transfer window is closed, which could affect the team’s performance in the second half of the season and their ranking.Serie A is still very competitive, although Inter have a clear advantage, but the top four clubs are not very clear at the moment, the next season is likely to see some big changes.Atalanta are currently in fourth place, but they have dropped significantly, while Juventus are fifth and have a strong acquisition plan in the coming transfer period that could send the whole serie A into a shiver, according to Babo Sports.Roma are in sixth place and both teams are very much in contention for fourth place.The final result of this transfer period will also have a big impact on the league standings.Juventus were the biggest winners of the winter transfer window, acquiring three players and spending nearly 100 million euros.That included 81.6 million euros for Mikael Vlahovic, 8.6 million euros for Zakaria and 7.5 million euros for Gatti.Juventus were also the biggest spenders of the winter transfer season, according to Babo Sports data.His rivals Roma, by contrast, have been miserable, having acquired two players on loan throughout the transfer window.According to Babo Sports, the two players together cost 1.5 million euros, with Nalls on loan for 500,000 euros plus Oliveira for 1 million euros.There is a clear gap between the two teams in terms of the acquisition plan, and even mourinho could not turn the situation around as they are already far behind Juventus in terms of squad size.During the transfer period fans were very unhappy with the roma management, believing that they did not pay attention, that they had the advantage in zakaria and camara’s plans and plans, but ended up making arrangements for other clubs.The club’s director also admitted his own mistakes during the transfer period.He said he also learned a lot in this transfer window, he really did have a very obvious mistake, but in football things are rapidly changing, some players offer is very high, they also hope to be able to constantly perfect in every way, they are not afraid of, the future is also in accordance with the plan for the correct operation, rightThey will make Roma a stronger club.He also said, now the Roman wanted to rebuild is a very long term plan, and the team for all the players in certain investigation and verification, there is no some not for sale, they will be the team’s squad to shuffle, if there is no way to get the club and coach recognition, any player there is no way to escape the result of being sold.