Kunshan announced it overnight

2022-04-22 0 By

Kunshan issued an alert overnight!All hands, high energy ahead! This must be taken seriously!Night, kunshan street sudden thrilling scene!What the hell is going on?On the evening of February 7, a brown SUV rear-ended a Mercedes SUV from east to west near Xiaolin Road in Kunshan, and then backed up violently, hitting the Mercedes E in the opposite lane and flower bed. The Mercedes E bounced back into the next car and the brown SUV sped off. The whole process took about a few seconds.You can read the words and feel the thrill of the moment and the scene,Is to let people knits eyebrows crazy worrying traffic in a black car with double flash parked in the driveway behind it has strength in a brown SUV suddenly fast astern then a foot pedal and roared off in the process of brown SUV knocked the roadside flower beds and the edge of a black car traffic signs lead to damage a big accident location above the rear wheel deformation is turning on the sidewalkIf someone had been passing by…On a rainy night, the sudden occurrence of the accident also makes the rear road congestion since the rear-end of the traffic police to deal with such a hit and run in the busy road, what kind of trouble?Looks like this year is too comfortable!This man, now!Right now!Catch!Caught that night!The hit-and-run driver in Kunshan was arrested shortly after the accident on February 8, 2008.Drunk driving!Do you really want to know if this person really cares about his life and driving drunk and taking his life?!You’re already breaking the law, and you’re making a hit and run mistake!I’m sorry, the law does not allow you to provoke!Want to escape?Impossible!Big New Year’s day, only congratulations you like to mention a pair of handcuffs!Everyone old driver, everyone good wine friends have a look don’t try to be brave, no matter how good alcohol is not an excuse for drunk driving!One of the things that happens when you get drunk is, you know, grief!Are you really not afraid of your future and your family’s happy life being broken by a cup of wine?That’s a price you can’t afford!