On February 6th, 7th and 8th, 2022, the national weather forecast for the next three days, rain, rain and snow come again

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This forecast chart is based on the national weather forecast for the next three days issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory at 18:00pm on February 5, 2022!It’s getting cold again!Frost line moves south!Standing in the street, kind of frozen feeling!Cold cold!Please look at the picture. Grey areas represent snow and green represents rain. Guys, it is reported that there will be three cold snaps in December!Keep warm!There is more snow at higher elevations and more rain at lower elevations.1. Black means snow. The darker the color, the bigger the snow.2. Green means rain, the darker the color, the more rain, red means heavy rain.3. Slashes represent sleet, the darker the color, the greater the sleet, and red represents the greater the sleet.4. The red line with a slash is the frost line, which refers to a curve with a surface temperature of 0℃.Generally, the temperature near frost’s descent line changes more frequently, sometimes hot and sometimes cold.Boys, look at the forecast chart for the next three days. Are you near the frost line?The picture shows that the weather is something everyone needs to pay attention to, and everyone should learn how to read the weather forecast chart to prepare for travel!