Sichuan and Chongqing jointly issue “Guidance Manual” on eviction and withdrawal of illegal use of public rental housing

2022-04-22 0 By

Cover news reporter Yang LAN with low-income housing construction was deepened, a large number of affordable housing built and put into use, but the nature of the rental lease contract on business, no authority in the legislation and judicial practice of reasons, such as public housing teng return difficult problem has been plagued by the departments of housing security, around the cause of public resources by malicious grabs,It has seriously affected the coverage rate of public rental housing and the order of public rental housing market in Sichuan Province.How to solve this problem effectively?Cover news on February 11, the reporter learns from the housing and construction department of sichuan province, to further implement the general secretary xi promote the construction of chengdu-chongqing twins economic circle public housing safeguard scope complete coverage of the population of permanent residents in important indicator spirit, further perfect the public housing access and exit audit supervision mechanism, promoting public housing resources rational allocation and effective circulation.Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development jointly issued the Guidelines for the Withdrawal Procedures of public rental housing security recipients in Sichuan and Chongqing (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines).The relevant person in charge of province live built hall tells a reporter, “I get things done for the populace” effect for ascension, make housing difficult people truly feel change, see real results, benefit and living building hall of sichuan province and chongqing city councils in combination with practice, both in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and after many, many, multi-channel for advice advice, make the printing the “instruction manual”.Around “the guide” has been clear about the department in charge of housing and public rental housing tenants belongs to administrative contract of public housing rental agreement, rather than the contract of civil, public housing law-related issues shall not apply to the civil procedure law Sue farmers, “the guide”, for rent in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules of orderly exit offers a powerful policy support and assurance.According to the instruction manual, public housing exit to the lessee behavior and situations are divided into different back and make a refund in two ways, territorial housing authorities due to the lessee refused to drop out of the premises and facilities, and shall make ordered its deadline to make back the written decision of public housing exceed the time limit still not of performance, apply to a people’s court may, in accordance with law, the administrative enforcement,We will use both flexibility and flexibility to solve the problem of public rental housing check-out.The Guidance Manual also gives a detailed description of the procedures for the application for administrative compulsory execution of public rental housing withdrawal. The application for administrative compulsory execution of public rental housing withdrawal includes four steps: notifying the lessee in writing to withdraw from public rental housing within a specified period, making an administrative decision, issuing a notice of demand, and applying for administrative compulsory execution by the people’s court.The factual evidence guiding local housing security departments to apply for administrative acts before execution is sufficient, and the procedural evidence is legal and valid.At present, sichuan has identified 9,114 public rental housing tenants in arrears of rent, sublease, long-term idle, refuse to quit and other problems, among which 3,534 are in arrears of rent, changes in security standards and other problems. According to the provisions of the Guidance Manual, 4,019 illegal use of public rental housing have been returned or returned.A total of 1,561 public rental housing units have yet to be closed down, and 5,580 public rental housing units that can be rotated and redistributed to the masses have been closed down.Neijiang city has organized an open lottery to allocate 796 houses, effectively raising the rotation rate of public rental housing and giving people without housing problems something to look forward to.