Star valentine’s Day, 90 after the hot mother Wu Qian returned to single, beauty pageant champion announced the second birth of a girl

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Valentine’s Day 2022 has been a whirlwind of weddings, divorces and baby announcements.Gu and Su qualified for their second Olympic title on Feb. 14.Compared with the games in the Winter Olympics, this Valentine’s Day is really lively.Zhang yimou’s wife was the first to show affection for her husband, who is 71 years old. Fa spoke about how hard and difficult her husband was for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Star couple show conjugal love is really a lot, Zhang Jie and Xie Na arm in arm appeared at the airport, married for 11 years still as conjoined twins, it is really envy.Jay Chou posted a photo of him and Hannah Quinlivan, which seems to be an old photo, since she is in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.In a rare show of affection, Ma posted a picture of her family from the back, with the caption “Happy holidays to my little sweetheart.”I saw Ma Li and her husband holding their son’s hand standing on the beach, very warm.In addition to the show of affection, another announced his marriage.Chinese women’s volleyball player Zhang Changning has announced his marriage to basketball player Edison Wu, Posting adorable wedding photos and announcing their June wedding.The couple posted four sets of photos, two of which showed beautiful white satin dresses that showed off the bride’s figure.Dressed in a black dress, Zhang Changning and her husband embraced each other in a beautiful white decoration on their head.Xiaobian likes this Chinese dress most, see the couple smile, the husband’s corners of the mouth to the corners of the mouth, full of happiness.In addition to the marriage announcement, another announced the birth of a child.Hong Kong actress Yeung Hsiu-wai announced that she had given birth to her second child, saying, “We have a new member in our family, a family of three has become a family of four. Although we are very busy, our whole family is very happy and excited about the arrival of our little sister.”Yeo Siu Hui, 37, got her start as a contestant in the Miss Chinese Malaysia beauty contest, where she won the title.The year after the pageant, Yang signed a contract with TVB and began her acting career in 2005.She started in TVB development is not bad, signed 2 years nominated leap forward female artist award.After seven years in the industry, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award, but although she acted in many films and television works, she did not gain anything in the award ceremony, and she has never played a major role, has always been a supporting role.The most famous works are “On the Cloud 2”, “Unfaithful” and so on, which are very popular works.Despite her mediocre career, Yang xiuhui is happily married.Yang xiuhui married her husband three years ago, but kept the marriage a secret until it was reported in the media.In April 2020, Yang Xiuhui gave birth to her first child, a lovely daughter.This time, I had two children in less than two years, which is very efficient.While everyone is hearing all kinds of good news, an actress who has been publicly married for less than a year has announced her divorce.In the valentine’s Day atmosphere, this is a very special time to divorce.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian have peacefully ended their marriage, their studio announced.Later, Wu qian posted a photo with her daughter, “Single girls valentine’s Day party.”Wu Qian is wearing a plaid jacket and earth color pants, beside the little girl holding a balloon very happy.Although it is a divorce, but I can see Wu Qian’s face is very happy, the recovery of single is not necessarily a good thing.Wu Qian is busy with her work and promoting her new works. Her condition is better than before.And xiaobian have the same idea of many netizens, many people have sent a blessing to Wu Qian.Especially in Zhang Yujian announced and the child’s mother or the most close friends, we have left a message that he is not actively announced to marry, divorce is very positive, feel that everyone is not good for him.If it wasn’t for the media exposure of wu Qian and her mother taking their children out of the video, no one knows when Wu Qian got married.Zhang Yujian announced marriage not only do not feel responsible, but said her daughter’s name was exposed, the child’s mother felt remorse and sad, language is really let a person do not understand.Most let everyone indignation is, Zhang Yujian mentioned his wife Wu Qian, even the name are not willing to mention, only said that the child’s mother.Born in 1992 at the age of 28, wu qian, who was born in the 1990s, has been attracting attention since her debut. She is best known for her role as xiao Mo Sheng in My Sunshine.Wu qian and Zhang Yujian have collaborated on two productions, one is the costume drama The Night of Tang Dynasty and the other is the modern drama I Only Like You.The two have been photographed shopping together on several occasions and have been rumored to be married and have children, though neither has publicly addressed the matter.In the open has been married before giving birth to a girl, clearly has a wife has a daughter zhang Yujian, but also in the variety program neutral single set, said he wants to find a girlfriend, it is hard to understand.After wu Qian gave birth to her daughter, she performed many works.”Lightchaser,” “Summer of Love” and “Three Parts” have yet to air.In 2021, Wu Qian also has five film and television works broadcast, while getting married and giving birth to a child, but also shooting so many dramas.The divorce announcement, however, was seen by many as a blessing for her.On Valentine’s Day 2022, some people will get married and some will get divorced, some will show love and some will have children.This article by “entertainment circle small grey” original, without authorization, any other platform number shall not be reproduced.Welcome to leave a message to xiaobian, thank you for your support!