The People’s Court of Jiahe city has launched a volunteer cleaning service to “clean up and welcome the Spring Festival”

2022-04-22 0 By

The voice of justice network – to implement the “voluntary, there is love, mutual aid and progress” of the volunteer spirit, carry forward the young policemen spirit of volunteerism, realizes the aim of the “I does the practical work for the masses”, at the beginning of 2022, jiaohe responded quickly to the call of CPC municipal committee and municipal government, the people’s court to packages to a village to carry out “clean spring cleaning” volunteer service activities.In the activity, the young police to assist the community to clean up the main and secondary roads, streets and alleys, residential corridors and elevators and surrounding buildings, municipal facilities, rolling gates, bus stops and other facilities on the disorderly paste, disorderly writing, graffiti, spray brush wild advertising, remove the city “scar”.Although the outdoor temperature is low, the young police officers braved the cold, they bowed, holding the broom, a total of 16 units cleaned, highly recognized by the community residents.This volunteer activity not only improved the living environment of the residents, but also showed the spirit of young police officers willing to bear hardships to the general public and strengthened the spiritual and cultural construction of the court. The volunteers showed a beautiful scenery with practical actions, making this cold winter become warm and thick.