The football gap between China and Japan is bigger and bigger!Eintracht Frankfurt have announced the signing of makoto Hasani, 38, on a 1+4 basis

2022-04-22 0 By

The difference between Chinese and Japanese football depends on the quantity and quality of foreign players, because European football is the mainstream in today’s world football world.Recently, another piece of good news for Japanese football is that Makoto Hasebe, 38, who can still play in the Bundesliga, has renewed his contract, which is a special 1+4 contract.According to Frankfurt, the 38-year-old has signed a 1-plus4 contract until 2027, with one year for him to play in the Bundesliga next season and the next four years for him to officially join Frankfurt’s coaching staff from player to assistant.That means Japanese football is not only leading Asia in terms of expatriate players, it is also leading Asia in terms of coaches.Makoto Hasebe could become the first Asian coach to manage a team in a major league.The 38-year-old joined Frankfurt on a free transfer from Nuremberg in 2014 and has played 256 games in all competitions.Hasabe has started nine of his 13 games for Eintracht Frankfurt this season.And played in five Europa League games, all starting.Before the start of the season, Makoto Hasabe became vice captain of Eintracht Frankfurt.Coach guardiola is the classic case, maybe Fumakoto Hasani will become a famous manager in Japan, maybe one day he will coach a team in the five major leagues, that day will be a historic moment in Asian football.