The group used paintbrushes to record their volunteer life for the Winter Olympics

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In the Capital Stadium, more than 900 volunteers worked hard to ensure the operation of the competition in all aspects. Many of them are masters in painting. After finishing their work, many of them chose to record their volunteer work with paintbrushes.Bai Ruochen, a volunteer of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and a student of Renmin University of ChinaMy name is Bai Ruochen, a volunteer of Renmin University of China for the Winter Olympic Games. Now that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is half over, I and other volunteers in various fields are still busy at their posts in the Capital Gymnasium. Many of our volunteers are good at painting, and they record their volunteer life with brushes, which is very interesting.Bai Ruochen: Look, the pattern on this screen was drawn by volunteers on New Year’s Eve.On February 5, at the Capital Gymnasium, the athletes of the short track speed skating team won the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation.That night, everyone sat around in front of the TV to watch the game, feeling very excited, the volunteers added the gold medal pattern on the screen overnight, hoping to record this unforgettable moment with a paintbrush.Bai Ruochen: And this one was drawn by the volunteer Zhao Gan. He designed 25 kinds of snowflake badges for the volunteers of the Capital Gymnasium according to the characteristics of volunteer work in different fields, which are particularly popular among the volunteers. This picture is the original manuscript of the snowflake badges.Bai Ruochen: When I was in Yunnan, the children said that they had never seen snow, so they wanted to make a snowman. This big cake was painted with lovely little snowflakes and snowflakes, just like the snowflakes rising in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.In fact, each of us is like a burning snowflake, when we get together, our passion can infect the whole world.Next, the painting will fly all the way from Beijing to Yunnan province and reach the children.We also hope that the children in Yunnan, do not stop their brushes, to use colorful pens to record the beauty of their hometown, record the mood of every day, maybe among them there will be a great painter in the future!(CCTV reporter Gao Lei)