The national football team will return home early in the morning to continue the closed training, Li Xiaopeng has no fear of dismissal

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The China Eastern Airlines flight carrying the Chinese delegation arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 5:45 am Beijing time on February 3.After a series of epidemic prevention tests, the whole team will be transferred to taimei Xianggu Hotel in Suzhou taihu Lake at the earliest in the afternoon of the same day, and will be quarantined for observation.It is understood that during the isolation period of the Chinese team in Suzhou, will continue to arrange training, including the new foreign teaching assistant Pepe and all the coaching staff members have returned to China with the big troops, and in Suzhou to study the preparation plan of the last two rounds of the big 12 tournament, which also means that Li Xiaopeng will continue to lead the team.Qatar, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) — China lost to Vietnam 3-1 in the 8th round of the Qatar World Preliminary Round, which was the first time in the history of the team to lose an international official match.The result was a humiliation for Chinese football and led to China’s qualification for the Qatar World Cup two rounds ahead of schedule.After a full day’s rest on February 2, the Chinese team returned home in the early morning of February 3, local time.According to epidemic prevention regulations, the Chinese team will be quarantined for 14 days during their stay in Suzhou, and will likely go to Shanghai for a seven-day “self-quarantine”.According to Beijing Youth Daily, the Chinese team will continue to train in Suzhou to prepare for the following games.Luo Guofu, Alan two naturalized players after China and Vietnam have returned to Brazil, naturalized player Jiang Guangtai back to Britain on vacation, Wu Lei returned to Barcelona to join Spanish club team.However, the team’s new Spanish assistant coach Pep and Brazilian fitness coach Owen Welke have both returned to China with most of them.After China’s early exit and record loss to Vietnam, the topic of “whether the new coach Li Xiaopeng will be dismissed” has become the focus of public opinion.Although Li Xiaopeng took the initiative to take responsibility after the team suffered two consecutive defeats, there was no mention of the sensitive topic of the position.It is understood that during the isolation of the National football team in Suzhou, the Chinese coaching staff will not only organize the team to train normally, but also review the situation of the recent two rounds of matches to study the preparation plan for the next stage, which is the last two rounds of the round of 12.This means that li Xiaopeng coaching team will not end the work mission in the national team.As a matter of fact, it is not up to li Xiaopeng himself to decide whether he will stay or not, just like the “class” at the beginning.He was chosen with an eye to the future.It is reminiscent of the time when the Chinese Football Association chose marcello Lippi after four rounds of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia – the goal of inviting the “Silver Fox” to take over the team is not unrealistic “to lead the team to the World Cup finals”, but to renew the team for the 2019 Asian Cup.Whether Li xiaopeng’s team can hold on to the 2023 Asian Cup needs to be weighed carefully by all parties concerned, but for now, it is highly likely that he will lead the team to finish the round of 12.China’s away defeat in Vietnam dealt a heavy blow to the national football team and even Chinese football. The team management and coaching team will summarize the loss and exit from the round of 12, and there will be a clearer statement about who should take what responsibility in the future.Article/Beiqing Sports Xiao Rim