The original Xuanwu cave is jin Zixuan back envy out, although the brother-in-law proud jiao, but not bad

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Xuanwu hole envy and Wang Ji was rescued, coma just woke up envy was too heavy gold peacock fun xuanwu hole is Jin Zixuan back out of envy?He was a rare kind-hearted man in the King family, but he left too early. Did he really hate to be admired?Although the brother-in-law proud jiao, but not bad at the beginning of the two of them dislike each other, but two people also quite appreciate each other’s nature of the time, also once back soft attitude of the other side, but there is too much misunderstanding Wei Wuxian hate him, because he hates his sister!He just tsundere, others not bad, is the truth, or the teacher elder sister doesn’t like his Jin Zixuan is all around us that rich mouth poison, and after a long time and found the man of stupid thief solid brother-in-law is also very good ah god create opportunity for them to accept the teacher elder sister lover ah, otherwise my envy envy that grumpy, still not see a beat again. He didn’t dare to hate envy envy,Because it was his brother-in-law, he was a ear harrow because he loved my sister, and envy was my sister’s weakness. This wave belonged to love me, love my dog, and he did not blame Wei Wuxian. The last sentence was that he hoped he would attend his son’s one-month banquet.Not like Jin Zixun with little to drive a belly if he didn’t die will be a good fairy overseers to Jiang Cheng w without envy then, when he gave the teacher elder sister or entrusted to Jin Zixuan envied by classical punished them to sprinkle BaBa warm, some to lift the envy letting a person warm, brother-in-law is also rushed up he is can let LanZhan and Wei Ying absolute recognition on character!Be unambiguous on the big things!In addition to the force value than Wei Ying and Blue Zhan almost, really ranked in the first three with if Jin Zixuan succeed the position of immortal du, then Jin Ling will have a happy complete childhood, envy also won’t fall fall night cliff, perhaps can often go to see sister and Jin Ling