The recovery of power battery is mainly the retired battery of new energy vehicles

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The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to an automobile power country. Power battery as an important part of new energy vehicles, its recycling is related to the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry.On February 22nd, the “China New energy Vehicle Power battery Recycling and Utilization Industry Development Report (2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the report) compiled by China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. and Beijing Institute of Technology was officially released in the “2021 Comprehensive utilization of automotive resources research Results sharing meeting”.Wang Pan, senior director of recycling and utilization Research Department of Ecological business department of Zhongqi Data Co., LTD., said at the meeting, “With the emergence of business models such as recycling system sharing, the future power battery recycling or will be dominated by centralized storage outlets, new energy vehicle personal users to hand over the battery form.”The management effect of power battery recycling and utilization is initially included in the 2021 government work report for the first time from “accelerating the construction of power battery recycling and utilization system”. In October 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to accelerate the promotion of power battery recycling and utilization from the aspects of laws and regulations, technology, standards, industry and so on.In recent years, the relevant government departments of Our country attach great importance to the recycling and utilization of power battery, and strive to build the system system of the whole life cycle of power battery.According to the report, up to now, China has issued more than 20 policy documents and national standards on power battery recycling, and nearly 1,000 upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain have been brought into traceability management, basically realizing full coverage of traceable vehicle management.At the same time, more than 10,000 recycling service outlets have been established and 45 key enterprises in the comprehensive utilization industry have been cultivated.At all levels of government and relevant enterprises to actively participate in, the whole industry chain upstream and downstream of related enterprises to actively take responsibility, vigorously promote the lifecycle traceability management, power battery recycling service network across the country construction system, technical support of the public information, power battery recycling management in our country has made staggered results.From 2018 to 2020, the product quality of New energy vehicles in China has been significantly improved, the market share of middle and high-end models has increased, the industrial structure has been optimized, more excellent enterprises and products have come to the forefront, and backward enterprises have accelerated elimination.”From the source of recycling, we can see that the power battery recycling has been based on the previous research and development test generated by the waste battery, gradually turned to the new energy vehicle retired battery.”Wang Pan introduced, “with the recycling system sharing and other business models continue to emerge, the future power battery recycling or will be dominated by centralized storage outlets, new energy vehicle personal users to hand over the battery form.”The reporter learned that power battery recycling is mainly divided into echelon utilization and regeneration utilization.On the one hand, echelon utilization products have been commercialized in the fields of communication base station power backup, energy storage and low-speed vehicles.”As mature business models emerge that aim to replace lead-acid batteries, the use of retired batteries in packs is an effective way to improve the economics of the entire cascade.”Wang Pan said.On the other hand, as the resource utilization technology represented by hydrometallurgy is gradually mature and the industrialization process of remediation process is accelerated, the whole recycling industry is developing towards large-scale and centralized direction.From the perspective of consumers of new energy vehicles, more than 10,000 recycling service points established at present are mainly distributed in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central regions where the number of new energy vehicles is high, basically meeting the current demand for decommissioned battery recycling.Overcoming technical bottlenecks from production to recycling “Report” from a professional perspective in-depth analysis of power battery manufacturing, dismantling, cascade utilization and recycling of the overall technology path, introduced the development status of new technology and the future enterprise targets.Taking battery manufacturing technology as an example, battery companies are actively developing high-energy, high-power and new-type batteries to meet current industry needs, the report said.In the future, the company will further strengthen the design of easy recycling and comprehensively improve the safety of battery system.Among them, in the pretreatment of the battery technology, automation and dismantling, fragmentized separation, intelligent dissolve away from technology “progress faster, but it seems there are still some current technical bottleneck, the future enterprise will further breakthrough retired battery automation and dismantling technology bottleneck, focus on raising the level of environmental protection and high efficiency in dismantling crushing process.For power battery recycling, zero said, in terms of arrangement in using the technology, the future enterprise will be more than ready to detect, dismantling restructuring, performance testing, coding identification, operation monitoring, such as process flow, strive to break through the power arrangement in use of the key technology of battery, improve based on historical data analysis method of “white box”;In terms of recycling technology, hydrometallurgical process is still the current mainstream technology. In the future, we will further focus on breaking through the key technology of efficient material recovery such as diaphragm and electrolyte, and at the same time tackle the key technology of high-value material utilization of low residual value battery.Source: Consumer Daily