152k new street lamps shine at night on the North Third Ring Road in Baoding

2022-04-23 0 By

New LED street lamps along the North Third Ring Road in Zhuhai are lit up in the evening of January 25, 2019, to show a new level of appearance ahead of the Upcoming Spring Festival.The current road of the north Third Ring road is 107 national Road (highway), according to the highway design standard, the road does not set up street lamps.In order to adapt to the urban development and meet the needs of citizens for travel, the municipal government has started the construction of the road comprehensive pipe gallery and carried out the road municipal transformation supporting construction simultaneously.It is understood that the project covers a distance of about 10.4 kilometers from Lekai Avenue to east Third Ring Road.In the comprehensive pipeline corridor construction, the pipeline into the corridor includes electricity, water supply, medium water, heat, communication, etc., and the supporting implementation of lighting, greening, bridge and tunnel, drainage, downstream drainage pipeline and pump station and other projects.Since the comprehensive promotion of the “new appearance level” action of urban management, the lighting problem of the North Third Ring Road has been put on the agenda and accelerated to be solved.On January 4, the municipal construction department of the city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau started construction, considering the future road widening and other factors, the street lighting construction choice in the central green belt.Due to the street lighting from Chaoyang Street to Lekai Street section, the construction focus is selected as chaoyang Street to the Great Wall section, with a total length of about 8 kilometers.A total of 152 street lamps are installed in the project, with an interval of 72 meters and a 330-watt LED lamp.(Reporter Liu LAN correspondent Fang Yan)