67-year-old opera bone disease is still addicted to alcohol such as life, the table ignores sea cucumber, only with people fight wine

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A series of photos of veteran entertainer Li Qi hanging out with her friends have sparked controversy online.The news comes after it was revealed that li, 67, does not smoke or drink alcohol on a daily basis, with two packs of cigarettes and eight ounces of alcohol being his standard choice.Taken it is not hard to see in the picture, li3 qi2’s face is covered with white beard, is wearing well, front is steaming hot pot, half a cup of white wine, lying next to the party scene is costly, dozen people sitting around a large dining table, the table also put all kinds of high-end ingredients, it is obvious that li3 qi2 most of friends are all successful people.But li qi didn’t even look at the sea cucumber when it was turned to him. Instead, he stared straight at the glass in front of him. It seems that the Internet rumor that li is addicted to alcohol is not unfounded.Be like this friend gathering, drink the li Qi that go up to fight wine with actor Liu Jinshan actually, glower round open the ground to release malicious words to the other side: “true despise you, see za of”.As soon as he finished, he took the empty wine cup to show off to others. He shook his head toward Liu Jinshan, as if to say, “You really can’t hold your liquor.”Those who regularly drink should know that their drinking capacity will gradually deteriorate with age, especially when li Qi is at his age, he already has a lot of two to three a day, but he is eight to eight, even if he is hale and hearty, he can’t afford to do so, right?Actually, this is not the first time that li3 qi2 was drinking with friends, or even every wine innings, friends will use mobile phones to record pictures about him, li3 qi2 is not only love to drink, and even the drink play out of the new pattern, line drinkers’ wager game, building-would table games, he almost meaningless to knead, can even beer liquor blending down, in the struggle of young people,An expert at the table, to be sure, but in a 67-year-old, that’s a bit alarming.Some people think that the older love to drink a little wine is a common phenomenon, it’s not a surprise, but someone who knows very well that mental state seems to be full of li3 qi2, actually has been sick, perhaps because the daily habits and customs, may be early work too hard, lead to the late li3 qi2 suffer from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, in an interview program, li3 qi2 was reported,The doctor told him not to eat too greasy food, not to smoke or drink, but he thought that life would be no fun without these three things.That being said, Li Qi was rushed to the hospital once for drinking, which was a bit dangerous, but to his surprise, he picked up his glass again as soon as he got out of the hospital, ignoring the doctor’s advice.Although after retirement should enjoy life, love to eat love to drink is also beyond reproach, but still hope that the Don can moderate, take good care of their own body, a happy not only for health, and even will inadvertently bite your body, when too late to regret.What do Internet users think of li Qi, who loves drinking alcohol?Feel free to leave a comment below!