After unlocking Eastern Europe, it was time to hit Western Europe and conquer Spain

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After unlocking the Eastern European market, Wang xiang made the decision to enter Western Europe in November 2017.This time, the country he chose to break through is Spain, which has a good mass base.A young man named Owen, who became one of the pioneers of the Western European market, has a very strange memory of his experience.On the first day of reporting in Spain, I checked into the company’s dormitory, which was located in a slum. When I opened the door, I found a narrow bed with crumbling walls and ceilings.That’s what Xiaomi is really like when it’s just starting out in a country, and it retains the cost-sensitivity of a start-up company.When there were no offices, people would often have meetings in coffee shops, where several people would order a cup of coffee to discuss things and sit for a whole day.When choosing office locations, Xiaomi teams are often asked to avoid busy city centers while also having convenient transportation to their overseas locations.Such screening down, millet people are often living in old residential areas.My new colleague could only speak English and knew nothing about Spanish. He didn’t know how to report things like being stolen or robbed.Owen got his start decorating offices while doing business.But when he started the business, he discovered an ironic phenomenon: before Xiaomi entered Spain, many xiaomi products had already entered Spain through various informal channels.Xiaomi’s market share in Spain reached about 8% in 2017 when retailers only sold xiaomi phones themselves, which is a good reflection of xiaomi’s good mass base in Spain.However, because of this, some businesses were already doing business under xiaomi’s name before xiaomi entered the market, and they even printed decent business cards.Owen’s presence makes it difficult for distributors to tell the truth.”At the beginning, I was treated as a liar. I could only tell them repeatedly that I was a real Xiaomi employee. Look, my email is xiaomi with the suffix.”In view of xiaomi in Spain has a certain degree of popularity, Wang Xiang decided to develop a different way for this market and eastern European market, adopt online and offline two-pronged approach, in the shortest time to achieve brand decisive victory.Therefore, at the press conference in Madrid, when Wang Xiang announced xiaomi’s journey to the Western European market, he also unveiled his strategy to the world. Xiaomi’s business model — “hardware + new retail + Internet” will be launched in Spain at the same time.In addition to Xiaomi’s own, another Chinese company that has gone overseas, AliExpress, has played a big role in xiaomi’s overseas expansion.Aliexpress is an online trading platform built by Alibaba for global markets, and has been described as the “international version of Taobao”.Overseas buyers can make guaranteed transactions through alipay’s international accounts and use international express delivery to receive goods.Since its inception in 2010, AliExpress has gradually become the world’s third-largest English-language online shopping site, allowing buyers in 220 countries and regions around the world to buy Chinese-made goods.Its traffic is also phenomenal, with 20 million visitors to the site every day.It can be said that Xiaomi’s entry into the Online market in Spain was the beginning of its cooperation with Alibaba’s AliExpress. In this channel with no resistance, Xiaomi soon gained a prominent position on the online market, and AliExpress is also known as Xiaomi’s “god assist”.Two Chinese enterprises jointly explore overseas markets in this way, which should be a very meaningful scene for Chinese enterprises in the process of overseas expansion.Aliexpress gradually became an important front for Xiaomi’s overseas expansion, and through the cross-border e-commerce platform, Xiaomi later entered more than 80 countries, becoming one of AliExpress’s biggest brands.Xiaomi’s success with AliExpress has also caught the eye of e-commerce platform Amazon.After work with amazon, millet again put at the characteristics of online operations to the extent of incisively and vividly, employees through online community operations, to build social media, online drainage in a variety of ways, such as millet mobile phones sold in the amazon in only a few models alone directly to the first position, the amazon has established the confidence in millet brand.Until now, AliExpress and Amazon have been vying for xiaomi’s first product launch to capture online traffic.In this way, Xiaomi’s e-commerce market share in Spain skyrocketed.Within a year, Xiaomi became the number one e-commerce company in Spain.