Audi Q2, A1 will be permanently discontinued!Why is Audi ditching the entry-level Xiang Bo?

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Audi plans to end production of its entry-level A1 compact sedan and Q2 compact SUV at the end of the product cycle, CEO Markus Dusman told foreign media.In the domestic market, Audi launched the Q2L with a long wheelbase lengthened by 27mm based on Q2, and Q3, A3 and other models form a model matrix with high sales volume of 200,000 yuan luxury brands.Therefore, for a long time, Audi A3, Q2L and other models have been the first luxury brand models for young people. As the “hot property” models that can most move young people and spread among them, why does Audi stop updating?First of all, the direct cause of the production of a model, nine out of ten is the product shortage of the model, this incentive is also applicable to Q2.First of all, from the perspective of positioning, Q2 is targeted at small SUV, which is also the smallest SUV model in audi SUV camp.In terms of price, referring to the price on the German official website, the price range of Q2 is from 26,700 euros to 64,572 euros (including SQ2), and the price range of Q3 is from 37,950 euros to 78,530 euros (including SQ3 and RSQ3).From the price point of view, the two cars have a certain price range overlap, the space is more practical Q3 for the general consumer is more attractive.The same comparison is here at home.The guidance price range for Q2L is from RMB228,800 to RMB268,800, and for Q3 from RMB278,800 to RMB323,600.Although there is no overlapping price range, domestic consumers have already voted for Q3 with a higher image, more space and more practicality.If the Q2 is discontinued in Europe, the Q2L’s lackluster performance in China could also be followed by the production of the extended model in China after the European prototype is discontinued, He said.2. In addition to Q2’s own positioning and product strength, audi’s brand image has also been considered.First of all, Audi is not as luxurious as Mercedes and BMW in the global market, which can be seen from the brand history and design details, unlike Mercedes and BMW, which have luxury and sports labels.In recent years, Audi has been creating a luxury label of science and technology. Although A1, A3, Q2 and other models are designed with young science and technology to attract young people, the low entry price will affect the thoughts of owners of high-priced models of the same brand.Therefore, although the car with high cost performance can reach more consumer groups, on the contrary, it also affects the promotion of brand image and shakes the determination of potential customers to buy an Audi at a high price.Another point is that Audi differs from Mercedes-benz and BMW in that its entry-level models are closely related to Volkswagen models and adopt the same platform and powertrain, which are all factors unfavorable to the upward development of Audi brand.Therefore, appropriate cancellation of models with lower positioning will also contribute to the promotion of the brand at the product level.Three, speed up the pace of new energy vehicle research and development as countries have introduced more stringent emissions regulations than in previous years, electrification is also imperative for car companies.Among the traditional brands, Volkswagen group’s pure electric speed is one of the best.As early as 2019, Volkswagen officially completed the research and development of the new pure level platform MEB, and released the ID series models in 2021, corresponding to the Q5 E-Tron released by SAIC Audi this year.On the other hand, BMW’s iX3 and I4 are both based on CLAR rear-drive fuel platform, which is BMW’s main product at this stage.Mercedes only launched its EQS at the end of last year.From the overall environment, more and more small cars and compact cars in the current market are gradually pure electrification. For models focusing on urban commuting, electrification can also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions inside the city and provide quieter and better driving quality.Therefore, the cessation of new car development of A1 and Q2 will also have a great chance to launch a flat pure electric model.Last word: A1 has been withdrawn from the Chinese market from official channels, Q2L is not as popular as it was when it was launched, and the sales task of entry-level models in China has been shifted to A3 and Q3, and the role of Xiangboi has changed.For the domestic market, the Q2L is no longer a popular model.In Europe, Audi’s CHIEF executive also said the company would focus more on higher-margin midsize and higher models.He sees the gradual electrification of compact cars as a big trend in the future, while the pace of electrification of large and mid-sized cars such as SUVs and MPVS, which feature multiple seats and long range, will slow down due to practical limitations.What will happen to the layout of the luxury brand market in the future?Leave your thoughts in the comments section.