Chongqing Fengdu No. 2 Middle school held education and scientific research work special session

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On the afternoon of February 14th, Fengdu No. 2 Middle School held a special session on education and scientific research work with the theme of “Bright heart, Forge ahead”.Attending the meeting were all team members, all members of the teaching department, teaching and research leaders, lesson preparation leaders, topic hosts.The meeting was presided over by Zhang Shaozhou, vice president in charge of teaching.The conference opened a good prescription for school education, teaching and scientific research.Summary of education and Scientific Research work in autumn 2021 1. Our school has further revised the assessment scheme of teaching and research to make it more fair and reasonable.2. “233” teaching and scientific research ideas have been well implemented, and associations, famous teachers’ studios and Qinglan Project have achieved good development.3, school class supervision group, education and teaching duty group run well, to ensure the steady progress of the school.4. In the autumn of 2021, there will be 34 demonstration classes, 34 qualified classes, 22 teaching and research activities, 4 alliance teaching and research activities and 5 expert lectures, so as to truly promote promotion and understand the essence of training.5. Our school has made remarkable achievements in teaching and scientific research, with 603 teachers winning awards in the whole year. We have successfully established several municipal teaching and scientific research projects, and have been invited to teach and research abroad for many times.Director Xiang Xiaolin emphasized that the educational research work of our school in autumn 2021 has clear ideas, clear goals and solid grasp.Under the strong support of the school leaders, the joint efforts of the teaching and research leaders and lesson preparation leaders, after a semester of struggle, the second middle school teaching and research work goal is clear, clear, is moving forward along a better track.However, through the analysis of the problems, the closed-loop mode has not been formed in the management of our school, and the process supervision and implementation need to be strengthened. Therefore, in the New Year, our school still has a lot of work to be further refined and studied, and the supervision needs to be further implemented.1, the new semester in the implementation of further improve the assessment plan, make the assessment more reasonable, more convincing.2. Make specific arrangements for the training and certification of the Information technology Application Ability Improvement Project 2.0 to ensure that the pass rate of the information technology application ability Improvement Project 2.0 reaches 100%.3. Carry out more detailed refinement of collective lesson preparation and teaching and research activities, and strive to further strengthen collective lesson preparation and teaching and research activities in teaching activities.4. Further implement and improve other educational and scientific research routines, and pay close attention to subjects and scientific research work.Finally, the supervision mechanism of education and scientific research is further established and improved in the new semester, which involves the division of labor and responsibility of university-level leaders’ on-site discipline group, education and teaching duty group, and teaching effect supervision group, etc., and other contents not involved are carried out according to the original mode.Director Hu Xiaofeng from the educational research can promote teachers’ lifelong learning;Educational research can condense educational wisdom and enhance personal value of life;In the process of education and scientific research, teachers can also form a good atmosphere of mutual help and common growth.Second, the school has been revising the integral assessment scheme to make it more perfect.At the same time, the school will continue to improve the teaching and research hardware and software conditions, and strive to create a high-quality scientific research environment for every teacher.Finally, I hope you will strengthen your reading and constantly improve your professional theory;Write properly and turn your experience into a paper;Practice research, from practice to practice in scientific research;Finally, a research method pointing to “problem solving” will be formed to achieve more materialized results.Online and offline activities must be carried out regularly for the scientific research topics being carried out by our school, and the data should be well preserved.Half term, semester inspection to do a good display, etc.On the subject of scientific research, Vice President Zhang Shaozhou also stressed at the meeting that the principals of scientific research projects at all levels of the school must do a good job of their own results, with the highest and best standards to successfully conclude their projects.Director Qin Zongwu shared his work experience in tengzhou No. 1 Middle School. First, he recognized the severe situation and enhanced his sense of responsibility.The school has a geographical disadvantage, building a good school requires everyone to work together, enhance the sense of responsibility of the school will be better.Second, we need to correctly understand the word “implementation”. In the development of the school, we need to work together to better implement the school’s policies and deliver full of positive energy.Three is to set up a good sense of service and detail awareness, in the development of the school needs everyone to work together, the school will set up a good sense of service and detail awareness with everyone, better service to all the staff, students and students’ parents.I believe the development of the school will be better and better in the New Year with everyone’s efforts.Director Qin Zongwu shared working experience iv. President Yanhua made a summary of the meeting and emphasized to the president: To establish a sense of crisis, the process is important in implementation, results in practical results.Education and scientific research work should strive to change teachers’ concept, correct teachers’ attitude, encourage teachers to improve their scientific research ability and teaching art, and improve the quality of education and teaching.Hope in the new semester not only to do a good job in teaching routine work, but also must adhere to the “four one” : a week a small teaching research, a big teaching research in January, a display, a year a evaluation.Oversight mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that all work takes root and bears fruit.To Yanhua principal summary meeting to the school this period of education and scientific research indicated the direction, given the strategy, tiger year has a tiger spirit.”Teaching and research is a poetic practice, teaching is the process of affecting life with life, and warming life with life.” In the New Year, we are united and forge ahead, and the second middle school will surely rush towards poetry and the distance.Conference site text, picture: Zhou Qingchen editor, first review: Qin Jinsong review: Ren Yalin, Xiang Yanhua