Glaucoma does not mean a man loses his visual field

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Correspondent: Mr. Liu, 54 years old, was diagnosed with glaucoma five years ago in the early stage. The doctor gave him drug treatment and told him to have a check-up on time. However, he realized that his eyesight was good and the symptoms were not obvious, so Mr. Liu did not follow the doctor’s advice to have a check-up.Results after five years, Mr. Liu due to discomfort to the hospital review, the result is actually glaucoma late.Liu, who lives in Xiaogan, had blurred vision five years ago. He was diagnosed with early glaucoma at the hospital, and doctors gave him drug treatment.Because of the lack of understanding of glaucoma, Mr. Liu did not pay attention to it. After feeling good, Mr. Liu stopped taking the medicine by himself and did not follow the doctor’s advice for a review.It was not until the middle of this month that Mr. Liu felt his vision reduced, and it was five years later that he went to a local hospital again and was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma.Last weekend, Liu went to aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University, where he was diagnosed with chronic angle-closure glaucoma in both eyes. Both eyes are in advanced stage, and currently require surgery.Wu Zuohong, member of the Glaucoma group of Hubei Ophthalmology Society and director of the glaucoma department of Aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University, successfully performed trabeculectomy for Mr. Liu.After surgery, Mr. Liu’s condition was under control.Director Wu Zuohong introduced that different types of glaucoma have different manifestations:Some acute episodes, and may be accompanied by symptoms such as headache, eye pain, eyesight drops sharply, but some are more chronic occult progress, situation tend to be more terrible, a lot of patients with chronic glaucoma in advance without any symptoms, until the horizon narrowed considerably, a significant reduction in the vision was caught off guard, but by that time most has developed into the late,The vision was irreversibly affected.”Although it is impossible to regain vision after blindness, if glaucoma can be detected early and treated promptly, patients can still retain useful vision to the maximum extent and maintain normal life and work.”Wu emphasized that it is particularly important to strengthen understanding of glaucoma and establish prevention awareness in advance.If look eye swelling, headache, misty, see rainbow light sample feel and see things smaller and other symptoms should be timely medical treatment, with a family history of glaucoma, highly longsighted people more should be vigilant, glaucoma is a lifelong disease, suggest that every six months or a year to normal hospital eye check ups are a system, nip in the bud.