Han Da Li Zhong | Revolutionary character story comic strip “Su Yu” Zhang Yulin, Tang Qizhu painting

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Comic strip “Su Yu” by Zhang Yulin and Tang Qizhu, published by “Comic” in 1994.Handa Lizhong comic strip related links to appreciate:The fighters bandits “jiangsu militia struggle story comic ZhangYuLin | Ding Hongzhang painting of the cultural revolution” scar “educated youth story comic Zhang Huai ZhangYuLin Xu Yulin drawing comic jiangnan folk legends and tales” weeks place in addition to the three evils “ZhangYuLin painting the revolutionary struggle story comic” game-writing protocol “orchid ZhangYuLin award-winning classic comic book painting” marshal of the republic of “volume 1-9 | full of the memory of premier zhou evenRing painting “Zhou Enlai picture scroll” 462 (1-4 volumes) full volume comic strip “MAO Zedong picture Biography” 1-12 volumes | full volume