Hangzhou has seen an inflection point of the epidemic, and has shifted from community clearance to quarantine clearance

2022-04-23 0 By

(Health Times reporter Kong Tianjiao) Since January 26, Hangzhou has reported a total of 114 local confirmed cases.Health Times reporters found that since February 2, hangzhou has seen a single-digit increase in the number of new local confirmed cases every day. On February 4, hangzhou had no new local confirmed cases.Yu Chuanhua, a professor of epidemiology and health statistics at Wuhan University, told Health Times that the transmission chain of the epidemic in Hangzhou is relatively clear, and the epidemic prevention and control work has shifted from community clearance to quarantine point clearance.The outbreak in Hangzhou should be a good turning point.In epidemic analysis, inflection point refers to the turning point of the epidemic trend of infectious diseases, is a point in time concept.The epidemic situation of infectious diseases has the inflection point of decline, the inflection point of rise, and the inflection point of rise and fall alternately.On February 3, MAO Genhong, deputy secretary-general of hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, said at a press conference, “The turning point of the epidemic in Hangzhou has appeared.At present, the number of reported cases in Hangzhou has been in single digits in the past two days.In terms of the channels of case detection, the cases in recent days have all been detected through screening at centralized isolation points.According to the briefing, there have been almost no new cases in high-risk places and groups.”Yu suggested that early detection, diagnosis, isolation and treatment of the epidemic are crucial.If the epidemic is detected in time, it can be quickly contained in the bud.At present, the epidemic situation abroad is still quite severe. According to the WHO, there were 3.08 million new cases per day and nearly 10,000 deaths per day in the last week.The prevention and control work of preventing imports from abroad and rebounding from within must not be taken lightly.In particular, the gathering of relatives and friends during the Spring Festival could lead to a rebound of the epidemic in China.So every citizen still needs to insist on wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distancing in public places.MAO genhong mentioned that hangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control work will shift from community zero elimination to quarantine point zero elimination, considering that community zero elimination has been basically achieved in hangzhou.From the present situation, according to the standard requirements of “three districts” management, but also for a period of time.Those whose risks have been clearly eliminated will be gradually implemented by adjusting and reducing the scope of the three zones as long as the risks are under control.