How good are the vultures, known as “African viper busters”?

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Poisonous snakes this kind of thing is really a little strange, obviously human afraid of them to die, but the nature can take their animals have a lot, from the air to run to the ground, eagle, honey badger, snake mongoose……These snakes have a lot of natural enemies, and even the hedgehog, which we usually look at with a plain face, can be included in the list of Nemesis of snakes. Do you think this snake is serious or not serious?Of all the enemies of the viper, the vulture is not the greatest, but the most beautiful.In the African savannah, the snake vulture is absolutely a unique existence, because they are not only fierce, even the “African death” black mamba can become their meal, but also the appearance level is quite high, for many people love.African pride Looking at pictures of vultures, you would never imagine that this is a bird of prey. It looks like a crane in every way.There is no mistake, the appearance of the vulture does look like a bit of the shadow of the red-crowned crane, not only bright color, slender body shape, but also two big long legs, because the head always with about 20 like “feather pen” black crown feathers, and people affectionately called “secretary bird”.But it would be a mistake to call them “cute.”Snake vultures belong to falconiformes snake vultures family, and the world is the only one, no subspecies, more they are unique.Moreover, the vulture is a large land raptor, one of the fiercest species of birds. Unlike the eagle, which may only consider snakes on the ground as a “condiment,” the vulture treats venomous snakes as a “staple food”, even the black mamba, which is called the “African death”.As one of the “bearers” on the African grasslands, the snake vulture is admired by many African countries and people for its elegance and confidence.The sultan took it to the extreme, showing his love for them by imprinting them on his coat of arms, coins and stamps.Perhaps, in Africa where snakes are prevalent, people have long been afraid of venomous snakes, and when they saw the snake vulture, such an elegant snake killer, they had a sincere love and respect for it, and engraved its image everywhere in the hope of protecting themselves with the power of the snake vulture.Snake Killer Vultures are known as the killer of the snake world. They pose a deadly threat to venomous snakes from head to toe.First of all, the vulture has a mouth that is very hard.The beak of a vulture is not much longer than that of other birds, but it is short and strong, and it has a deadly sharp hook that, when it strikes a snake with its beak, can tear open any part of the snake.Secondly, even the vulture’s claws are extremely sharp.The curved hooks in their claws can also easily rip a snake apart.The combination of a serpent’s beak and claws is a nightmare for a venomous snake. Its powerful claws can pin a snake to the ground and then rip it apart with its beak, which is almost impossible for a venomous snake to solve.In addition to its beak and claws, the vulture’s long legs also give it an edge.The serpent’s height makes it impossible for a snake to wrap itself around it, making it difficult for a snake to choke an opponent by wrapping itself around it.The snake also has a hard cuticle on its claws and legs, which makes it very difficult for the snake to penetrate. That means the snake’s only weapon is not very effective in front of the snake.In a fight, the vulture has another way to win, which is to grab the venomous snake with its claws, fly high into the air, and release it. When the snake is thrown to its death, the vulture can have a full meal.The unique hunting process of the serpent was first revealed in the middle of the last century by a scientist who had been looking for a chance to observe its hunting up close.One day, he saw a one-meter cobra crawling through the grass, and the cobra’s movements attracted the attention of the nearby snake vultures.When the cobra is first spotted, the vulture does not immediately attack. Instead, it keeps running around and flapping its large wings in a series of baffling movements, similar to “dancing.”Of course, this is not a dance, nor is the vulture stimulated, but a trick to confuse the prey.Under the continuous jump of snake griffin, the cobra was dazed around, until this time, the snake griffin just launched attacks, pedal and beak, plus break back and forth, all kinds of means again, after the cobra has been tortured exhausted, the snake griffin with its sharp teeth of the snake mouth to harm, one kills,Bit by bit, the cobra was swallowed alive.The process of catching poisonous snakes is basically such a process, and as long as the snake encounters the snake, it basically declares the end of its life, and the possibility of surviving from the snake is very low.Despite their large wings, vultures don’t fly much and hunt mostly by running.If you see a vulture flapping its wings for no apparent reason, there’s a good chance it’s in heat.Vultures display their beauty by taking to the skies during courtship, and males make this “mating flight” every year during the breeding season.They tend to shoot straight into the sky, fold their wings when they reach high, fall straight down, and then suddenly spread their wings and fly high again just as they are about to hit the ground.The attracted female will take to the air to fly with the male, showing her willingness to become a “husband and wife”.Vultures are also known as “model couples”. They are strictly monogamous and rarely separate from each other from marriage to death.After “marriage”, they will carefully choose a place to nest together, their nest is large, can reach about two meters in diameter, and, a couple of snake vultures, basically build a nest here, live here, breed and raise their young until they are old.Conclusion: the animal kingdom of life and birth is so magical, vulture prey on poisonous snakes, in fact, just like a hen to catch a centipede general, this natural gram nature, let the snake no way to fight against vulture.As the saying goes, “When a snake meets a vulture, it already loses the race.”You say that?