Puffer fish health: what kind of people get depression easily?

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Mobile phone slide can be understood!Depression is a bad form of attack. People who are depressed tend to be depressed, have slow thinking and have little interest in anything.It will not only seriously affect people’s life and work, but also bring heavy burden to the family and society.01 Are you depressed?So what kind of people are prone to depression?1, think too much people think too much, is also a kind of divorced from their feelings of a kind of performance.People who are used to overthinking can think that finding a rational explanation for an event is more important than how they feel.Psychologists call the phenomenon of people overthinking negative events rumination.When we read too much into negative events, we tend to exaggerate our fears and imagine the possibility of low-probability events.To put it simply, it is to go to the death, want to break the head, nature will not go to think.However, for different people, suitable for their own self-regulation methods are also different.Meditation is also an effective way to stop overthinking.2. People who are too busy think their feelings lack value, which is a sign of depression.That’s why we often stress the importance of listening, because effective listening often makes people feel valuable from within.A person who is too busy is often too busy to deal with external work or life events, so that they do not pay attention to their own internal.Disconnection from one’s feelings is an important cause of mental illness.So, in busy life, leave a space that belongs to oneself only, it is a very important thing.3. Superego is too strict and superego. To put it simply, it is our inner “parents”.The outward manifestations of a harsh superego are perfectionism and extreme inferiority.What both have in common is an inability to accept yourself for who you are, while placing unrealistic demands on yourself.Due to the separation of ideal self and real self, the heart often produces a feeling of imbalance.02 How to adjust?So how should we normally adjust the state of mind?1, more exercise can adjust people’s emotions, promote physical and mental health, enhance physical fitness, but also can edify sentiment, maintain a healthy state of mind.Love yourself, love yourself, do what you like to do, only love yourself, do not mistreat yourself, will be happy, they do not wronged, then live happy.3, learn to adjust the mood of life can not be smooth sailing, things happen as far as possible to think for the best, a lot of people encounter some bad things, will be inexplicable irritable, in a bad mood.This not only can not deal with the problem well, but also make yourself in a bad mood, so things happen to learn to adjust the mood, to the good, will slowly happy.Keep a positive attitude, don’t care about the gain and loss, you will find the world is very beautiful.Wu Xuecong, Pharmacist in charge of Zhongshan Triangle Hospital fugu healthy your mood is very important!The public,