The digitalization of “New Year’s Flavor” has made it even more hardcore

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Spring Festival, is not only the alternate time, also contains the Chinese for thousands of years of life infinite yearning and looking forward to good, as to common people and live fully digital penetration, “cloud on the holidays and the traditional Spring Festival custom in harmony with each other, not only let the festival atmosphere more strong, let the life more beautifully, also let the wanderer, on New Year’s day, get solace in the New Year.The Spring Festival, whether the body back home or look at home, whether the purchase of traditional goods or new Goods, a miss and love for the Spring Festival goods across thousands of mountains and rivers for countless “two-way”, parents sent to the children’s Spring Festival goods is “old taste”, hometown specialty filled with refrigerator.”Spring Festival shopping”, 24 hours without closing, so that the young generation to pass “different” love and care, intelligent massage machine, wall breaking machine, sweeping robot and so on have become a new favorite, so that their parents enjoy digital, intelligent products trendy and convenient.It’s not as delicious as what mom brings out of the kitchen.In my memory, my mother was always busy in the kitchen during the Spring Festival, steaming steamed buns, making dumplings, a road of ingredients, carefully cooking.In the heart of every child, there is a snack to the most appetite of the “mother’s brand” dishes.Nowadays, the fusion of quality and family love makes the dinner on the taste of New Year’s Eve more loving. Modern cold chain traceability platform records important data of every link from the place of origin to the table through block chain and Internet of Things technology, so as to ensure that the information of food throughout the whole process can be inquired and traced to protect love for reunion.When I was a child, I looked forward to receiving New Year’s money and received new red envelopes from my elders with great joy.Nowadays, there are endless activities of “digital red envelopes”, which can be received by men, women and children all over the country. During the Year of the Tiger CCTV Spring Festival Gala, people can easily shake the red envelopes and share 1.5 billion red envelopes with people all over the country.Spring Festival red envelopes to get, can be smug to continue to buy buy network, during the Chinese New Year what problem to find customer service, worried not online?Intelligent customer service is on duty 24 hours a day, and JINGdong’s first intelligent digital customer service official started work recently. Qian Yan, comparable to real 3D image, can provide a full range of online services, whether it is commodity consultation, order consultation, or after-sales policy, and can understand your Sichuan, Cantonese…There is emotion, more temperature.On the bench, affixed with Spring Festival couplets full of red Spring Festival couplets, consign the vision of a better life in the coming year.With the development of digital technology, AI can also write smart Spring Festival couplets, “AI calligraphy generation” can realize the automatic generation of Spring Festival couplets, fonts can also be based on different emotions, stylized chapter calligraphy generation, more artistic and ornamental so that the Flavor of the New Year has AI intelligence.Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.Setting off firecrackers is the deepest memory of the Spring Festival when, because of environmental protection now, a lot of places ban fireworks, but trendy consumers have a natural way, electronic firecrackers because of environmental protection, pollution-free become new favorites.During the Spring Festival, electronic firecrackers with their own happiness have been hung in a prominent position.The store said sales of electronic firecrackers have soared several times this year, with mothers buying them for their children in pursuit of ritual.During the Lunar New Year shopping festival, consumers across the country bought nearly 40 percent more electronic firecrackers on than last year.Go to the park, watch the animals, go skiing in the suburbs…Can not go far, Spring Festival with the family can also be in the suburbs of outdoor leisure.How to design a more reasonable route?How to “guide” the old people and children have fun?The “Smart City Consumption Promotion Platform” will provide smarter tourist services.Intelligent park entry, 5G intelligent guide small program, more understanding of the people, intimate service.Moreover, the “moving scenic spot sightseeing map” intelligently provides the flow of people of the current scenic spots, avoids queuing, makes the tourist experience more comfortable and the scenic spot management more accurate.The “no-touch service” featured in the park, such as unmanned restaurants and unmanned retail vehicles, also makes the comprehensive experience of the park more convenient.With the integration of traditional folk customs and digital technology, now, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the New Year on the cloud. Behind the change and invariability, the cohesion is the most sincere family protection and the most beautiful happiness yearning.And the good life will be enhanced even more by digital augments.(Source: Beijing News;Photo credit: Internet)