The rising kodiac, fly or live?

2022-04-23 0 By

In the latest wave of new cars to hit the market, the new Cordiac is a bit out of focus.This also reflects the presence of Cordiac in the domestic market to a certain extent.Data statistics show that in 2021, The cumulative sales volume of Kodiac is 1545, ranking 260th in the SUV sales list. Throughout the whole year, the sales volume in most months is between 500 and 600, and this downturn trend has continued to this year, with the sales volume in January and February being only 582 and 417 respectively.Although Skoda and Volkswagen have the same roots, the same platform, the same powertrain, and even more competitive price, the market performance of the two is completely different.Volkswagen Tiguan L, which has the same platform as Cordiac, sold 158,000 units in 2021, ranking 11th in SUV sales.And now, as new models hit the market, the “good value” advantage of The Cordiac is no longer so great.Specifically, the new Cordiac launched a total of 4 models, the official guide price of 186,900 to 243,900 yuan;The new Cordiac GT launched two models, the official guide prices are respectively 203,900 yuan, 243,900 yuan, compared with the old model 177,900 yuan starting price of 9,000 yuan, GT version of the starting price increase of 12,000 yuan.It should be known that the price range of the 2022 Tiguan L on the market this year is 215,800 to 281,800 yuan, and the price of the two is very similar after the terminal discount (currently there is a discount of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan). In terms of brand and reputation, It is difficult for Cordiac to win the hand of its brothers.In addition, when the joint venture SUV goes down and the independent SUV goes up, it is difficult to take the lead in the stock market game and competition according to the price given by Cordiac at present.For example, general department of the Envision family, with performance and luxury hit a set of medium cup + large cup combination boxing;Toyota’s Wei Sa and Ling Fang, through the appearance level and unique hybrid technology, in the mid-size SUV market to create a strong product and technology impression;Honda’s Guando and UR-V firmly defend their own land by virtue of the positioning of large five-seat medium-sized SUV, and build their own market moat accordingly.In addition, mocha, UNI-K and other independent products have a “touching” configuration brand, and Tucson, Explorer and other second – and third-tier joint venture brand SUVs featuring high cost performance, the market burden of Cordiac is still heavy.Of course, it is not a day or two before the market is rolled up and solidified. The key to rewashing the market pattern at the same level depends on whether the product upgrade strategy can hold the appetite of consumers and whether it brings enough sincerity. From this perspective, the new Cordiac has obviously made a lot of efforts, but it is far from enough.In fact, the new Cordiac from the intelligence to the new design, from the inside to the outside to shape the quasi mid-stage transformation should look like, bringing fresh breath even as some new generation models.New cars, for example, have been upgraded across the board, with the big screens and intelligence that Chinese consumers crave.Compared with the 9.2-inch built-in central control screen of the old model, the new car has replaced the 12-inch suspended central control screen of the same style as tiguan L, and combined with 10.25-inch LCD instrument and new color contrast material, modulates a more mainstream aesthetic ratio of young science and technology atmosphere.Although the overall appearance is very “popular”, what is not popular is that the functions of car and machine are better than the vast majority of previous Volkswagen products. The new intelligent MOS 3.X system brings intelligent voice, intelligent navigation, intelligent entertainment, intelligent travel, intelligent car control and other functions.In addition, the new Cordiac also reflects a positive side in terms of the big face that can be seen intuitively, with the body and posture following the latest design language of Skoda.Of course, in addition to these, in the power system and other parts of the new car cost continuation of the old model configuration, or two adjustments of the 2.0T engine, or 7 speed wet dual clutch gearbox, or even 2065L of loading space.In other words, the changes of the new Cordiac are mostly static, and the driving level is still “the taste of the old soup”.Whether it is to copy the design of overseas models, or to focus on intelligence, this upgrade strategy is easy to make people associate with the previous Brightness PRO, but from the final market feedback, this conservative upgrade orientation consumers do not buy it.As the best-selling model most relied on by Skoda, Octavia will usher in a new generation in 2021. The new car is built based on Volkswagen MQB-EVO platform, and the exterior and interior are all designed overseas, featuring intelligence and digitalization.When it was launched, Skoda had high hopes for it, but its cumulative sales of 16,756 units for the whole year were far behind that of the eighth generation golf, and even behind the monthly sales of the corolla, its rival model.On the one hand, in the a-class car market, It is difficult for Octavia PRO to lead the brand out of the overall decline;On the one hand, the main sales models are all low-end products of 100,000 level. As the brand premium ability is gradually declining, Kodiac, as the front model of Skoda in the Chinese market, needs to make its brand image more positive through product renewal and pricing adjustment.According to data, Skoda sold only 71,200 units in China in 2021, down 58.8% year-on-year, a performance worse than that of Porsche, a luxury brand under Volkswagen Group, in the Chinese market.In addition, in 2021, none of the eight skoda models sold more than 20,000 units in China, among which kermick GT topped the sales list (18,885 units), Followed by Octavia (16,756 units) and Korock (14,287 units), showing a lack of “explosive points” in all products.When the market performance reached a certain critical point, in a sense, Cordiac price return is forced to arrange.