There is another type of domestic violence to be on high alert for

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The Chinese New Year is coming. People who are chasing their dreams far away from home feel anxious to return. They can’t wait to fly home with wings to enjoy the warmth of family ties and the happiness of reunion.But then there are those who are afraid to go home, who deliberately avoid going home because the place they were supposed to be healing turns out to be hurting and resentful.When it comes to marriage, there is a saying that is thought-provoking: it takes 100 years to cross the boat together, and thousands of years to sleep together.It means that couples should cherish each other, be thankful for each other, improve themselves and achieve each other.Men and women get married after years of good deeds.However, how to preserve love, manage marriage, not everyone is clear, everyone knows.Domestic violence lingers between some couples.A couple of days ago, a husband in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province, beat his wife in front of their children.The wife called the police, and the husband was detained and dismissed from all his posts.Eating melon people have condemned, lambasted this “cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man”, for women to uphold justice.But there’s no smoke without fire.When the bullets flew, the cause of the incident became clear.First, over domestic matters, the woman verbally abused her husband and attacked him.Yes can endure, which can not endure.In order to defend the dignity of the husband crazy lesson wife.Save your money and speak carefully.Say as little as possible what others don’t like to hear, and never say anything that annoys them.Speak not to please yourself, but to please others.The purpose of opening up is to express feelings and solve problems, not to be reckless and create conflict.A good word three winter warm, unkind words hurt cold June.Men crave encouragement and praise, and hate ridicule and contempt.Women’s violence is “verbal” violence, men’s violence is “physical” violence, why do many people just not admit it?Always think that men beat women is considered domestic violence, and ignored women in verbal violence men, women violence men, I am sure nine out of ten!The husband is busy with his career and neglects the housework. The wife scolds his cheek thicker than the earth.The husband couldn’t find anything and asked his wife if she knew where it was. “Ask me anything,” she said. “Am I your personal housekeeper or your nanny?”Busy take a break, the husband cook cooking, the wife eat ready-made, but complain about the food is terrible.The wife did something wrong, the husband pointed out in good words, the wife refused to accept criticism, forcibly interrupted: “line line.Stop it, stop it.I know, I know.Blah, blah, blah.”Her husband loves singing and competes against time to rehearse and prepare for the stage of “Avenue of Fame”.His wife said, “A toad wants to eat a swan — more than he can chew.”On the TV, the band is playing.The husband asked, “Which one is this?”The wife replied, “Colorful clouds chase the moon.You don’t even know Clouds Chasing the Moon?Less than a child.”The husband said he was upset, and the wife replied, “You’re just bored and looking for trouble.”No matter how humble the person, how young the child, need self-esteem, this is human nature.Hurt the interests of the other side can be made up, but hurt the self-esteem of the other side, in return must be angry from embarrassment.Be careful what you say, no matter how close you are.Verbal violence, a knife without blood.If you do not intend to divorce, please do not take out wounding, especially do not use in love with you, you love the people.Speak freely, the bad temper, bad mood to vent to the family, can only prove stupid.